Teleport will not pair

  • I have been working on this horrible produce for 1 day.

    1. Have Reset to Factory Settings
    2. Have logged into the Router and the Teleport is not linked nor Listed
    3. Have the Teleport 6" from the router
    4. Both have the current Firmware
    5. Tech Support Just keeps sending me in circles
    6. When I go to the teleport SSID and go to it goes to the step of Asking me to go to the AMPLIFI APP to accept the pairing request
    7. APP Never gives this request.

    Making me crazy...wishes they had a plug and play product or support that can solve problems...Opposed to telling me the same things over and over....As the saying goes doing the same things and expecting different results is lunacy.

  • @christopher-young First thing to do is to disconnect your PC from the Teleport when you get to the step asking you to use the AmpliFi App to accept pairing request. If you then open the app, you'll see the pairing request showing up. For some unexplained reason anywhere in the instruction, that pairing request never shows up on the app if the Teleport's wifi is occupied by it being connected to your computer and it needs to be released before pairing request appears on the app. You can then reconnect your PC to the teleport after pairing process with the router is completed to resume setup process.

    BTW, if you have paired this Teleport previously then you would need to unpair both the Teleport and the router from each other.

  • @christopher-young Can you share a screenshot of what pairing request it is asking for?

    If it is asking for the pairing request to create the VPN connection, then it thinks it is still paired to a router (and from the sounds of it you have removed it from the routers WebUI).

    If it is asking you to pair it with your AmpliFi initially, then maybe we are looking at a bluetooth connection issue. Either way, a screenshot would help me guide you in the right direction instead of giving a massive list of steps that might not apply.

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