DHCP Option 61 available

  • I'm a Sky Fibre user currently using a BT Openreach modem and an Apple Airport Extreme router. I'm looking to replace the Airport with an AmpliFi Mesh router.

    I can see that support for DHCP Option 61 was added in firmware release 3.3.0, but (what what I can tell) the AmpliFi App has not yet been updated to allow access to this feature?

    Can any one confirm the app update is still pending , and if so when is this update likely to arrive?

    Is there a method of setting up DHCP option 61 outside of the app (for example, SSH access to the router to manually set this option), and if so are there any instruction on how to do this?

    Many thanks for your responses.


  • I'm a Sky customer - you can use option 61 via the router admin page in a browser. Unfortunately i've forgotten the specific setting - if you do a search for DHCP 61 there is another thread discussing this topic and you'll find help there. (including information from myself)

  • Thanks for the response James. Looks like AmpliFi is compatible with DHCP 61, and just needs to be configured through the web app during setup.

    Good news indeed.

    I've looked through the forum (before posting) and cannot find a definitive set of instructions. If any one can provide a guide to setting up DCHP option 61, I'm sure there are many other Sky customer who would welcome this information.

  • @jason-highfield Here is the link to that old thread: DHCP Option 61

  • Thanks for the link @UI-Brett

  • Purchased an Amplifi router and 2 mesh points.

    Connected the new router to my existing router (to download latest firmware), then set-up the router... connecting my BT Openreach modem to the Amplifi HD and the Amplifi HD to me Mac so I can access the web portal via amplifi.lan

    When I switched from using Sky's router to my Apple Airport I extracted my sky username and password using these instructions:


    I simply converted this to HEX with the help of this website:


    Using the output (removing the spaces) as my DHCP Client Id.

    No issues with my connection and the WiFi signal strength is fantastic across my entire home.

    The Amplifi HD was easy to set-up and I've been able to configure all of my port forwarding rules and DHCP reservations with no issues.

    Highly recommended.

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