DHCP Server Subnet wrong

  • This is a very big bug that needs to be fixed IMMEDIATELY.

    The DHCP Server subnet has a hard-coded mask of

    This goes against all RFC guidelines because this Class-A ( /8 address is addressable to the tune of 16777214 addresses and the Class C ( /24 only has 254.

    This goes against all standards, practices and, guidelines and it's a bug that needs to be fixed.

    The Class B also needs to be fixed. They can't all run under the same subnet, that is exactly what subnetting is for.

    Please fix this immediately. If a beta firmware comes out with this fix, please let me know immediately.


  • @tony-b Thank you for pointing out the issue within our support article, we have updated the article to represent this accurately . AmpliFi was designed with plug-in-play for simplicity, and the most common home subnet is /24, which is why it is implemented this way. However we can create a feature request for changing the subnet mask for you.

  • @ui-jt

    This isn't a feature request. It's very clearly a bug.

    Look at RFC 1918. There is no mention of having a Class-A subnet ( with ANY OTHER mask than /8.

    192.168.?.? is the only Class that gets a subnet mask of /24.

    It's not the amount of addresses, because, I know you are trying to sell your higher end products but, this is a very clear bug brought upon someone that thinks they can play Al Gore "God of the Internet" (who invented the internet, lol) to try and change these guidelines to suit the needs of marketing team and efficiency experts, instead of following guidelines that are necessary for subnetting PROPERLY.

    It's a bug, it's not a feature request. Please don't put it into any other category.

    I don't care if you make it mandatory, if you select the to a mask of (/8), or the Class B to /16. However, this should change soon.

    It's important that the RFC standards are adhered to. It's not a marketing decision.

    Being able to disable the DHCP server or set the IP of the router without entering bridge mode is a feature request, that has been largely ignored, but you can also put my name for the request for these, but not subnetting.

    I really don't understand why a $20 consumer brand router that you can get at Best Buy has more control than this $335 router.

    It is time to break the norm of these companies that sell Mesh Routers that are more locked down than the JFK Assassination Zapruter Film. Let the people that know what they are doing, use the router for a router, not some sort of perverted thing that the marketing department dreams up.

    I would bet that the people that designed this AmpliFi had some decent firmware to start with, probably based on one of your other chips. They had to cut it down to near useless in the name of making the company a little more money.

    It leaves a bad taste in your mouth and most people would consider another brand.

    You don't make a very good name for your commercial products if you have a person like myself looking at what you have done to the home use product. Why would I bother trying out another one of your product lines if you let a marketing team make your tech decisions.

    It's time to honor the request of just about every member that posted in the suggestions forum to let us use this expensive router for more than a mesh network. Because, that's what you reduced it to when it is a requirement to use bridge mode.

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