AmpliFi HD Range (2xRouter or Router + 2 Mesh Points)

  • Does any one have any experience on the range of the AmpliFi HD using 1 router and 2 mesh points versus 2 routers?

    My home is approx 1350 sq. ft. and the router (currently an Apple AirPort Extreme) is in a bedroom on the first floor in the top-right-hand corner of the home (and cannot be moved due to the broadband provision).

    My broadband is 72Mbps but averages just 5Mbps wirelessly in the lounge.

    I'm looking to purchase AmpliFi HD to improve my wireless performance, but I'm wondering if I should purchase:

    • 2x routers: 1 in the bedroom and another in the lounge as a mesh point

    • 1x router & 2x mesh points: Struggling to see where I would plug in the mesh points (one in ground floor hall and another in lounge?)

    The following is a floor plan of my home:


    Any advise/experience would most welcome.


  • I've got 2 routers covering my 3100 sq ft and 3 floors. My primary router on the main level and another in the basement; my home office is upstairs and gets great speed. You should have plenty of coverage, but think about how you'll use the devices. Myself, I needed ethernet ports at both locations. Also, buying 2 routers, later configuring one as a mesh point, gives you more flexibility as the Mesh kits are locked and cannot be separated. There are several threads on the latter.

  • Thanks for this @mark-christopherson

    I currently use a power-line solution to provide network ports in the lounge. The broadband speed via power-line is approx 30Mpbs, (a little over half the speed is lost) but it is reliable.

    The hope is 2 Amplifi HD routers would remove the need for the power-line solution as well, providing a much better wireless speed that the 5Mpbs I current get in the lounge.

    The dilemma is... Will 2 routers on opposite ends of the house, on different floors, provide an effective mesh, or would would I need the mesh points to fill in any gaps.

  • @jason-highfield This depends heavily on the envirnment and the construction of the home, that being said the MeshRouters are rated for 10,000 Sqf.

  • Decided to go the for Amplifi HD and 2 mesh points in the end. To be honest the coverage is fantastic with just the router, but I find the mesh points add to the stability of the signal.

    Really pleased with Amplifi HD, never had Wi-Fi coverage anywhere near this good.

  • I have 2x router and 2x mesh point... will probably add another mesh point at some stage. I use the 2nd router to connect my PC via ethernet. I tried some of the most expensive consumer equipment for gaming etc... and nothing was particularly stable and some of that equipment was around £100. So spending an extra £40 on a router and getting a really fast and stable connection to the router downstairs + extending my wifi signal even further was a no brainer.

  • @james-morgan does your setup include all standalone units or are you using two separate router+meshpoints kits?

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