New Mesh install with slow speeds

  • So I have gigabit fiber with ATT. The ATT modem was giving me speeds of around 400-500M in our small home. Wired ethernet speeds hit 9500-1000M. I wanted to upgrade the wifi to improve wireless speeds. Just bought the AmpliFi HD mesh gamers edition. Its only achieving around 100-200M. Less than half the speeds with the default wifi built into the ATT modem. Do I have a wrong setting? Apple App doesn't seem to have many options at all.

  • @david-curtinsmith The wireless needs to be disabled in the ATT modem/router combo. The AmpliFi router should be in bridge mode, and have the following enabled 802.11k, 802.11v, and A-MSDU.

  • yes I disabled the wireless in the ATT (both 2.4 and 5)

    where are the settings for 802.11k, v and A-MSDU?

  • @david-curtinsmith Here is an article that goes over the settings you will need to change.

  • thanks for that. I didn't realize there was a webpage also for config! I set it to those settings and it improved to 380-390M but still short of the 500M the ATT wifi base station provided at the same distance. Is this all I can expect from the Amplifi hd?

    Also I notice one of my mesh repeaters has fallen off the network (had 90% link strength before). its now flashing like it is no longer paired

  • @david-curtinsmith Can you see the MeshPoint in the app as connected? You may have to reset your system to get it to pair again. To achieve better wireless speeds you can also try changing the channel width for 2.4 Ghz to 20/40 and the 5 Ghz frequency to a channel width of 80. These are under advanced in the wireless tab.

  • Is this only for the Gamer's edition? I'm also on AT&T fiber but with an Amplifi HD setup, and so far have been capped at 180-200 mbps.

  • @russell-kelly AmpliFi Gamer's Edition and the AmpliFi HD are identical hardware (beside the mesh point face lift of course), the primary difference is the QoS benefits with Latency mode.

    Considering a wireless meshpoint's data has to hop back to the primary router, speeds of ~200-250 are usually at the higher end of what a user can expect.

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