Trouble viewing files on home network

  • I am trying to use the Teleport app on my Galaxy S8 to access files on my home network but am unable to find anything but the files that are on my phone. is there something that I am missing regard to accessing files on my network? The Asus router I upgraded from had a built-in feature that I could use to access my files via their app and I am try to have a similar ability to access my files with this system.

  • @andy-marquardt There could be two parts to this problem. First, you will need to ensure that LAN access is given to your Galaxy S8. You can do this by using the AmpliFi App, this is explained at the end of this article.
    Second, some file share services require access to be given to specific devices, please check the settings of whichever file share software/hardware you are using.

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