Linking problem between mesh spots after upating 3.1.2

  • After installing 2.1.3 firmware I have the following problem
    Router ground floor MAIN
    Mesh Antenna 1st floor
    Second mesh Router 2nd floor
    Band steering on Router steering off
    Used to have second router linking to first floor antenna
    Antenna linked to Main router .

    Now The 2nd floor router links to Main router. with only 55% signal strength ... Used to be 100%. all combinations of reboots give the Bove result over and over again.
    Anny suggestions?

  • @frank-weissman Connection percentage can be misleading, the AmpliFi system will determine the best throughput and make a connection based on that. With the AmpliFi router having a better processor than the mesh points, this new connection even though a lower connection strength could be faster. Have you tested performance from this new configuration?

    Also, a good test would be to roll back the firmware and see it A.) Connection back to the mesh point returns. and B.) see if the performance running the prior firmware is faster or slower.

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