Now that you have unvieled the "Dream Machine".....

  • It is evident that you guys in the dev team know how to make a good router.

    This router retails for around $335, but the "Dream Machine" retails at $299.

    This makes it painstakingly obvious that we should have some of the abilities that the Dream Machine does.

    It would be unreasonable to ask you to rewrite all the firmware to match that, and it would be wishful thinking but the ability to disable the DHCP and assign the router an IP would be great.

    Please, please! listen to the people! It's been a request here for years now. It shouldn't be THAT hard.

  • @tony-b In what deployment would this be needed? You can enable bridge mode or change the network type to static and then in your DHCP server set a static lease for the AmpliFi... Unless I am missing something? Thank you for the suggestion, I will add your voice to the feature request list.

  • @ui-jt

    Disabling the DHCP server to start.

    Also, you cannot assign the IP address of the LAN only the WAN, which ever subnet you choose, results in the router taking the .1 address. Being able to assign the LAN address of the router without bridging it would be very popular for a lot of people here.

    You can't sell a router for $36 dollars LESS than the Dream Machine (Amplifi) and have less programmability than a dumb-switch.

    Bridge mode isn't helping the people that would like to use the features like Wifi Lockout (Family Connections) and other advanced features.

    Personally, I would suggest copying that firmware from the Dream Machine to offer an "Advanced Mode" on the AmpliFi HD for businesses and homes that need it. After all, the Dream Machine doesn't support Mesh.

  • @tony-b Actually, you can add additional BeaconHD AP to create a mesh to the Dream Machine.

  • @adam-miarka awesome.

    I really like this but it would be nice to see what the Alien does as well. Can the Alien do stuff like the Dream Machine to turn the DHCP server off?

    Can the Dream Machine block a certain wireless phone or computer from using it's wireless connection (aka Family Zones).

    The active demo is awesome for the Dream Machine. it would be nice to have it for the Alien.

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