Ability to disable wifi at night

  • I have not found a function enabling wifi-off during the night, or timed wifi switch off. I think it would be useful to those preferring to cut wifi off at specified intervals.

  • As far as I know, you can limit WiFi access in any time slot you want, but you can’t turn-off the WiFi signal 😞

  • @kane-d-ebano We currently do not have an option to "Turn off radios" in our platform. This feature has been requested before and I will add your vote for this feature request.

  • AmpliFi > Family > Then select "Pause Internet on all devices"
    AmpliFi > Family > Then press the plus symbol to create a group. Choose all your devices to be part of that group. Then on the schedule for that group you will be able to select the times for the internet to be active.

    I have all the devices my children use in this group. It is scheduled to be OFF from 9pm to 7am to ensure there are no clandestine internet activities.

  • @dale-clay I don't see a way to do that if I have my Amplifi in bridge mode. I have a purpose build router and I use Amplifi as a Wi-Fi access point and not as a router.

  • @vividh-siddha you are correct, in Bridge Mode the Amplifi isn’t “managing” the network. You’d have to setup parental controls or time limits on your device that is handing out the IP addresses and managing the network. So check there for something like MAC Filtering during certain hours, that would block the device from connecting to the network during specified times.

  • @dale-clay
    Unfortunateley this only disables devices to connect to the internet. But the wifisignal still transmits. I would prefer an option to turnoff the WiFi during nighttimes. Hope Ubiquity will listen to this because a lot off people requested for this simple option.

  • @UI-JT +1 it'd be nice to be able to turn off the amplifiers and the wifi or one and not the other. We have everyone go into airplane mode for the night, so it'd be nice to have options to limit the signal in different ways.

    From a commercial standpoint, there are many people who are suspicious of the safety of the constant bombardment of radio waves, so perhaps it'd be a good selling point.

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