Kids that changes mac address on computer disables quiet time

  • I use "Quiet time" on our kids devices. The kids manage to change the mac address on PC and in that way my Quiet time setup in the app is pointless. I don't want to restrict the PC so that they are only users and it is a win10 home edition so I can't set it thrue gpedit.msc either.
    The PC i connected to the router with wired ethernet thru a switch and if I could set Quiet time on that switch then it would be a success but it seems that the switch doesn't appear in "Devices". An other way around would be mac address filtering but I can't find that either.
    With this facts the Quiet time function is pretty useless if it´s so easy to go around it. It takes 10 seconds to change the mac address on the PC.
    Does anyone have a soultion on this?

  • You would probably want to have a word with you kids. If someone is intent on circumventing your parental controls, then no amount of technology will stand in their way and you may need to resort to traditional parenting in these circumstances.

  • @ali-hadi Tell them to follow the rules or you will take the devices away. If necessary, allow use for school work only in your presence! They must understand it is still your house and your rules!

  • @Mattias-Löwdell I have a similar problem, because Windows 10 seems to enable mac address randomization by default. I've turned it off, but I believe Windows updates may bring it back, because my son's account will not allow him to change it. I wish there was a good alternative.

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