Connected Devices No Longer Showing On Family Tab

  • I have an Amplifi MeshPoint HD connected to a 3rd party ISP cable modem WiFi router.
    After updating the firmware to version 2.4.3 and the iOS App to version 1.6.2 the app no longer shows the connected devices on the Family tab.
    On the main System screen it correctly identifies that devices are connected, for example my iPhone.
    But on the Family tab it then states that no devices are attached.

    I have tried rebooting the MeshPoint, resetting the MeshPoint and resetting my WiFi access on devices and the bug still manifests.

  • I have same exact issue.

  • I am also having this issue.

  • I’m having the same issue. I reported it to the folks at AmpliFi and over two months nothing has been resolved.
    I have noticed that it seems since iOS 11 came out there has been issues with third party apps being able to report MAC addresses. In my case the app, Network Analyser quit working. The app authors reported that this was due to iOS restrictions.

  • I have same issue: when I disconnect the modem and router, I can see my router on the app and visit it, but when I plug in the cable, It disspeared in the app.

  • Still not fixed with firmware 2.6.0 = very disappointing

  • Seems no fix has occurred? Anyone on iOS that has app working as far as Family Tab listing connected devices?

  • Still not fixed for me with firmware 2.6.2 and iOS app 1.8.1

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