AmpliFi App + Ubiquiti SSO Remote Access very unreliable

  • Hi,

    When using the AmpliFi App and the Ubiquiti SSO option for remote access I have found that more often than not the remote access option simply does not work.

    The app seems to search for about 6 seconds then say:

    Unable to locate device
    Open WiFi settings and connect to "(mySSID)" or log out to configure another device.

    The Google account remote access option which I previously used appeared to be much more reliable, it'd generally "search" for the device for between 15-30 seconds then show up every time.

    The only workaround I've found for this sometimes is to logout of the app, then login to my Ubiquiti account through the app again - this seems to make it search for the device properly. (Which is a pain in itself - because I have to access the 2FA code on my phone, and switching to the 2FA app cancels the Login on the AmpliFi app, so I have to wait until the 2FA code has just been refreshed, copy it and hope I can login in time).

    I have an AmpliFi instant at home which is using the latest stable firmware, the device I access it from is an iPhone X running iOS 13.2.2. I am also using the latest stable version of the AmpliFi app.

    I've tried removing/reinstalling the app, and even doing a complete reinstall of iOS from DFU mode to see if it made any difference, but have the same issue. The issue also occurs both on WiFi and 4G for me.

    If you could look in to this, it'd be appreciated.

  • Seems like the same as:

    Also a very accurate description of the 2FA/app switching usability issue. 🙂

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