How does the ISP-Test works?

  • Question, how does the ISP test work and is it initiated from the router or does it run from the mobile app?

    Reason why I’ m asking this:
    I do have an internet speed of 300Mbps down and 30Mbps up.
    When I start the ISP test from the app the maximum speed is maximal 200Mbps down and 30Mbps up.
    Starting a speedtest from a Mac mini with a LAN connection shows me the expected 300/30.
    So it looks like the ISP test is not able to go faster than 200Mbps.

  • Using one device to start the test and another to monitor the device throughout, I’m pretty sure the test is from the router.

  • Hey @Jacob-Bakker and @AJ-Alfieri-Crispin! The ISP Test is indeed ran on the router itself, rather than on the mobile device that you initiate the test from. For some customers the test is accurate, for others the test doesn't always pick the most optimal servers to run the test with.

    Thanks for the great feedback!

  • My speed tests have never been accurate or remotely come close to actual modem speeds.

    Is there a way we can choose which server?

  • @ubnt-chance is this going to be fixed in future firmware updates?

  • I sure hope so. 🙂

  • Same experience here...the ISP test on the router always under performs. I've seen this with multiple installs (separate ISPs).

    Speedtest using mobile app or on computer browser always provides more accurate numbers.

  • @D-T @Morten-Ødegård There's no way to specify or select which server it runs the speed test with. There are plans for it to be fixed in future firmware updates, however we don't have an estimate for when that will be. The developers have been more focused on releasing new features and stability improvements to AmpliFi, but it is something they are aware of. If the demand is high(another reason for this community) for the speed test to work more accurately, then of course that will be moved to a higher priority for the development team to work on.

    Personally I use SpeedTest by Ookla, as @Ryan-Borntrager pointed out.

  • Same issues with the speed test. I'm on google fiber and my MAC hardwired typically shows 916K+ down and up. The ISP test is always around 200K down / 70 up.

    I consider it useless and detrimental to an otherwise good app. May as well remove it until fixed.

  • I have ATT Fiber and when I run the Speed Test via AmpliFi app I only get 170/50. I'm in San Diego so I'm not sure which server I was randomly selected (probably somewhere in 3rd world country)

  • The best speed test is the one created by the DSLReports website. Run it on several browsers to figure out which one works best. I was using it on Safari and it returned slow speeds. I checked with DSLReports and they explained that some browsers couldn't cope with gigabit testing (I have Google Fiber). I ended up using Opera and it returned good results. Their test is designed to avoid some of the biases exhibited by almost all the other tests. They don't use servers owned by your ISP which are rigged to return false speed performance.

  • @ubnt-chance It would be great if this was fixed my speeds have never tested internally over 150 and now that I have a 1G fiber connection it would be nice to show that to friends when testing the equipment remotely to help sell more Amplifi devices.

  • Why not tie the speed test into, the Netflix service? There’s a good chance ISPs will be incentivized to perform well to Netflix and they often host infrastructure on-net with the ISPs.

  • I believe the ISP test checks both Netflix and Hulu speeds.

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