How does the ISP-Test works?

  • I have the same problem. Just upgraded to Virgin 200mb broadband and now get consistently lower speeds showing on ISP test vs Speedtest. When I was on 100mb service, it was more accurate for some reason. I wish this worked properly!

  • @rizwan-walji it’s not that it was more accurate before, there’s a cap on what the built in speed test can achieve, probably because of the target it tests against. I had 200Mbps and the test rarely reached it. I get the same results with gigabit.

  • The internal speed test on the amplifi HD router isnt accurate and I dont see how it could be without letting you select who it going to connect to for the test. Using the built in speed test I only get about 64Mb/s down but using speed test on my desktop which is connected via ethernet to the amplifi HD I consistently get 600Mb/s down which is the speed of my service through my ISP which is Shaw.

  • I'd subscribe to this, too. Never was able to reach my bandwidth limits, via the app. Wired tests show mostly my data plan, but never via the tests done within the app. (I have a 500/50 Mbit connection):0_1547329367041_IMG_1532.jpeg
    0_1547329512282_Screenshot 2019-01-12 at 22.44.32.jpg

  • It's an OK system. Super pricy for what you get and these speed test results are infuriating. My dl is consistently 20-30mbps off and my ul is worse than that.

  • Hi. Still the same... AmpliFi Performance test for me doesn't go above around half that of iPhone on wifi running Ookla speedtest. This was very unhelpful whilst trying to resolve a recent ISP issue. Any timescale on a fix please? Thanks, Dave.

  • @david-woolston We are currently transitioning from a 3rd party speed test server to our own servers for the speed tests. There is no ETA on completion but it will be something we update on the community.

  • @ui-brett I assume the speed test server transition isn’t complete because I’m still only getting 50% of my advertised speed.

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