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    a picture is better than anything.
    I have buy 2 amplifi HD and one as the main and another one as a mess point.
    It all look good after the first setup. Both can use without issue.

    Then, I have change the wifi password of the main router and the mess point become cannot connect to the network.
    It keep show connecting at all and I have no way to access it and control it.
    Then, I do a hard reset by pressing the reset button.

    After that, the light of the router become freshing and I reset again. After it up, the router become just showing adapter error.

    Now, it look like nothing else I can do.
    Is that I need a replacement? Anyone having similar experience?

    Can I do anything to reset everything in my router to make it work again?
    I am not willing to replace it and it take too much time to do that.


  • I had the same error. I sent it back to my supplier for repair/exchange three days ago. Haven't heard anything yet.
    Edit: they are sending me a brand new unit.

  • Similar problem in this Amazon Customer Review by Luke Hammond: Review

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