Amplifi HD paired with Pace 5268AC - Port Forwarding help

  • hello all,
    i just purchased the Amplifi HD whole home wifi, and i have att gigapower with Pace 5268AC gateway.

    i also have a tablo unit for my OTA channels, and i like to have remote access for when i am out of town..

    i have done it in the past with DMZ+ on my gateway, and even done it with a netgear router, but i am having trouble with my amplfi HD unit..

    fyi i am not very knowledgeable in this, but i did follow this video in the past:

    i was hoping the UpnP feature would work, and i even added the port forwarding rules manually via the amplifi app

    any help would be much appreciated

  • @e-alfaro What kind of troubles are you experiencing with your AmpliFi router?

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