Limit on routers in app?

  • Is there a limit on how many routers you can have in the app ?

    We are a small MSP, and we are setting up Amplifi for a big ISP in Denmark. We currently have around 1200 routers/installations in the app

    Will there be a limit ?

  • @søren-nielsen I actually do not know of a limitation on how many remote access routers can be synced to one account on the app, I personally have had any experience with 1200 routers.

    What I do know is that managing that amount of routers on the app would be fairly difficult because there is no search function in the list. This means you will have to scroll through 1200 different accounts manually to find each of your clients when remote access support is requested.

    In terms of just installation for your customers and not enabling remote access for your company to support, but instead for the clients to do, there will be no limit on how many new accounts one app can create.

  • @ui-brett Thanks for your answer. We have remote access on all of them. Works fine. They are listed alphabetically, but only in addroid version. My colleague who is workin on iOS, he has great difficulties to search, cause they are in random order 🙂

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