Gigabit Wifi

  • Amplifi HD connected to gigabit fiber, but am unable to break 200 down or up no matter the distance between the device and router. Confirmed the negotiation is gigabit, can break this speed hardwired with hardware NAT enabled, tried every setting possible, scoured forums, and everyone seems to think it's just an Amplifi limitation. Seems solvable with a firmware update, no?

  • Same here. I just don't think the router is capable

  • @steve-secor Unless the hardware specs are incorrect, it should be capable. Gigabit internet connected to dual-band AC1750, even at half-duplex and 25% overhead for Wifi, we should still see 375-ish mbps standing right beside the base unit. I haven't been able to break 175-185 yet.

  • @russell-kelly I agree. It should be capable, but I have not seen wifi over 250mbps in a year of owning it. It's just the most stable and reliable system I have used, so I'm sticking with it for now.

  • @russell-kelly @Steve-Secor Potentially, modifications to the network bands and frequencies could improve your wireless performance. In my office that has an overwhelming amount of interference I am able to pull 257Mbps on an iPhone XR so I know it is capable of performing at speeds greater than 200.

    If you can share support logs after performing wireless tests on multiple devices, then email or DM me your support logs and MAC ID's/IP addresses of the devices used for testing we can look into what might be causing the slower speeds on your network.

  • @ui-brett Thank you Brett. I will generate some logs and send them your way.

  • @steve-secor It's not just you. I tried every combination of settings possible on this hardware and can't get close to the gigabit speeds my ISP is providing. Couldn't tell you why.

  • I can attest that you can reach higher speeds - I recently had Gig fiber installed and on the Amplifi HD, I am maxing out the wifi at 500/500. Of course when I connect wired I get 950/950. My connection is 1 GIG up and down. As soon as I get a Wifi 6 compatible device, I am tempted to get the AmpliFi Alien to see what it will do.

  • Own two of these systems, both in different parts of the country Both locations have gigabit service, yet cannot break 200MBPs down on WiFi. Hardwired, no problem- but wireless it’s impossible-

    I’ve had a ticket open for 3 weeks with no reply’s since sending logs, screenshots and settings that showed MAC addresses.

    I think I will be looking for another solution unfortunately, cause I really like the looks and functionality of these. But they can’t perform as intended or as promised.

  • When im max 4-5 meters from the router my Galaxy S10 phone can do 480/430 on wifi. So yes its possible. Need device's able to reach that speed on wifi, connected to 5ghz band and not to many other wifi networks close that make interference. So everything have to be optimal for 500 on wifi.

  • @brian-scheer I am concerned that you have not yet heard back from our support department for 3 weeks. Can you please DM me your ticket # so I can research this further with you?

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