AmpliFi by Ubiquiti Labs Introduces the AmpliFi Alien

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    With the latest 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6 technology, AmpliFi Alien delivers 4x the overall network capacity and 2x the coverage while reaching true gigabit speeds. It features a tri-band radio with 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz 802.11ax radios optimized for Wi-Fi 6 performance and backwards compatibility with previous Wi-Fi standards. The third radio (4x4) can be enabled to enhance performance of 5 GHz Wi-Fi 5 devices.

    AmpliFi Alien can be used as a stand-alone router, or you can add an unlimited number of AmpliFi Alien Routers for use as MeshPoints to expand range coverage.

    The AmpliFi Alien is available now on the AmpliFi Store
    Additional specification and details can be found on our Help Center

  • Great! 👍😊

    Can Alien router join an existing AmpliFi HD to expand the Wi-Fi mesh network?

    Thank you

  • @luis-belvis Alien can only be meshed with other AmpliFi Alien routers, primarily because WiFi-6 is not available on the HD and meshing could slowdown the performance of the Alien.

    AmpliFi HD can be configured to the Alien using 3rd party extender mode or bridge mode, but you will see reduced performance when your devices roam to the HD portion of your network, so it is not recommended.

  • I noticed the term True Gigabit Mesh. Does that mean the Mesh points have a separate backhaul channel like the Eero Pro bundle?

  • Does the Alien support Amplifi Teleport, and if so, what kinds of speeds could I expect? I saw a help article that stated that the max speeds were 17Mbps on the existing hardware, and I was curious if it was similar when running on the Alien. I have a gigabit fiber connection at home, so those speeds won't be a limiting factor.

  • @ui-brett when will be available in Europe?

  • @sean-cooperrider The AmplIFi Alien uses an AX radio for the backhaul channel. While AX and AC are used for clients, we use radio steering for legacy devices that only require AC while WiFi-6 devices maintain a connection on the AX radio. By doing this, the backbone capacity is not affected by a busy network.

  • @joseph-wortman Alien works with the Teleport App, as well as the Teleport Router to Router feature, but not the Teleport hardware.

  • @popescu-sorin Currently I do not have an ETA on international units. This is something we will be updating later on when we have a timeframe

  • I like the design, good job team!

    Where is the trade up program now? 😉

  • Hi @ui-brett - WPA3 coming? WiFi6 certification?

  • Wow, just got the email - looks exciting. Does it have any additional functionality or is it 'just' faster e.g. static route configuration is something I wish the Amplifi did so i could dump my router too.

  • Does the Alien support VLans or a separate IOT network?

  • @ui-brett Hello, your initial response seems to indicate the new Alien router won't work with with the older HD models because of the wifi 6 incompatibility?
    However, what if my other AmpliFi HD models are hard wired to the main HD router? Can the Alien be used to replace my main AmpliFi HD router, and allow mesh to work via the other two HD routers through hardwire ethernet connections?
    Also, notwithstanding, I do not own any wifi 6 products at this time
    Other wise, this is an expensive upgrade to have to buy 3 new routers.

  • @derek-saville Currently being researched/developed and in the works

  • @richard-parry-0 Static routes are not configurable with the Alien. There are a few modifications to the settings but they are primarily focused around WiFi-6, like additional SSIDs and Primary SSID split broadcast. This includes the ability to remove the suffix on additional SSIDs. Details are in this support article: Configuring SSIDs

  • @josh-wardell VLAN support is not provided on AmpliFi Alien, however the guest network has over the years on all AmpliFi products been redesigned to better perform when connecting all IOT devices to create a separation.

  • @graydon-patterson

    allow mesh to work via the other two HD routers through hardwire ethernet connections

    Currently no, however a workaround for this right now would be to configure your HD routers in bridge mode attached to the AmpliFi Alien. Without having any WiFi-6 devices, you would not suffer when your wireless devices roam from point to point. But this configuration could cause some performance frustrations with future devices you may own. At that time you would just want to replace your HD's with another AmpliFi Alien and configure it with Ethernet Backhaul.

  • Any news on Smart Queue or something similar? The Amplifi HD didn't have this and the feature got locked to the gaming model.
    What is the state on this on this one?
    Also would this be covered on the Ethernet side for once?

    This sounds interesting for a swap, range is better, but i am guessing the rated rage is measured in the main HD model and not with additional Meshpoint HD's.

  • @ui-brett Does the Alien use a proprietary or standard power supply? Given the issues that have come up with the existing routers I'd like to know if I can use a third-party power supply should the original power supply fail.

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