AmpliFi by Ubiquiti Labs Introduces the AmpliFi Alien

  • Can't wait until somebody with a 1Gb fiber connection tests the Alien out and can give us a report on the real world functionality

  • Are there any plans for additional Alien Mesh Points or a combo of Alien + Wifi6 Mesh-Points. Only with compatible mesh points I can start thinking about replacing my Amplifi HD.

  • @ui-brett I hope this somehow changes in the future or an Alien mesh point only is created so that it isn't necessary to purchase a pricey Amplifi Alien just to increase coverage. Something similar to the Ubiquiti UAP-BeaconHD would be nice.

  • @rick-daino-0 Yes, the ability to enable Latency mode and configured upload/download limits is available on the AmpliFi Alien

  • @ui-brett QOS control on Ethernet? One would hate for downloads to trigger on ethernet while other devices set to game mode is in use. Ethernet always went over the wifi in the past.

    Or even multiple ethernet devices that might download or game or stream.

  • @are-finstad The original question is reference to the unique QoS settings that are available only with our AmpliFi Gamer's Edition, which are reference in this Article by scrolling down to the WebUI portion.

    The regular QoS settings found in the app are also still available, which are outlined in this Article

    The Latency mode will be applied to all wired and wireless devices on the network when considering the caps that are applied. The normal QoS is like before where it is only configurable on wireless devices with hardwired devices having priority.

  • @UI-Brett @UI-JT Any plans to enable HomeKit support?

  • So what am I supposed to do with my $350 paper wait that has yet to work as advertised? No meaningful dev work has been done on the AMPLIFI gaming edition still can even get 1/10 my isp speed on this. Outside of my return window and Alien advertises all the stuff we were told you would fix.......

  • @mike-prrello I use the Gamers Edition too, and you have to understand it has limitations. Wi-Fi 5/802.11ac is a few years old now, for example when Amplifi HD was created, an ISP to offer home gigabit internet wasn’t common. Amplifi Alien is a major hardware redesign.

    Ubiquiti did as much as they could with an old platform to help us out, eg. added Hardware NAT to help with gigabit connections, Gamers Edition QoS, minor revision of mesh points, IPv6 support, enabling switch buffer workaround all through software updates. Now I have CenturyLink gigabit internet, do I get 1gbps speed? No. I max out around 400 mbps on wireless in the same room as the Gamers Edition and get a little bit better with wired connection.

    You should also be able to get good speeds, what’s your ISP and network setup look like? Ask for help in the community.

  • @tony-penev the wan port is gigabit. With the gamer edition, there’s a latency mode that caps bandwidth to IIRC 100mbps. I don’t have the gamer edition so I may have the details wrong.

  • @ui-brett can Alien be set to bridge mode and used with modem/router combo (google fiber)?
    If so, is there benefit in Alien over the HD (currently using)?

  • can add an unlimited number of AmpliFi Alien Routers for use as MeshPoints to expand range coverage

    Hi @ui-brett - what if you need remote Ethernet ports instead of expanded range coverage?
    Do you have a recommended AmpliFi solution with the Alien?

    If two Aliens are installed close together, do they auto-balance their signal strengths?
    Or have you added signal strength control in the app or web UI?
    Or will strong signals be clashing causing roaming issues?

    If you create an Alien MeshPoint beacon, please include two Ethernet ports (one for backhaul) and the ability to tune signal strengths

  • I have another question, will the Alien support IPV6 over PPPOE when it’s launched in the UK? Most of our internet providers here use PPPOE and they also now support IPV6.

  • @mike-prrello Is there a specific issue you see with your Gamers edition? We have many users who like the product and see good performance, if you are having an issue there may be a different configuration to resolve it.

  • Why isn't the Amplifi Alien Wi-fi 6 Certified??

    It's great that you finally have a Wi-fi 6 device, even if it is only a consumer product. Two things:

    1. Certificiation is super important, I know you don't bother certifying all your products, but at this stage, given all the 'pre' Wi-fi 6 devices that have been floating about for the past year, you need to draw a line in the sand with this.
    2. We will not be recommending this to clients until there are mesh points available. The decision with mesh point add-ons for the Instant was a bad one - we have never sold an Amplifi Instant, purely because we couldn't justify the stupid tactics you pulled with adding mesh points. The ability to easily add mesh points to the HD, however, made that process seamless. Unfortunately far too much has come out of Ubiquiti over the years in promises that never eventuate, so we will only trade in what is physically available and operational in the real world. Add the 802.11ax equivalent to the HD mesh point and Amplifi Alien will walk itself out the door...

  • @imamacnewbie I did a full review on YouTube. I have a fiber 1GB Download and 1GB Upload. Multiple reviews including iperf3 testing for LAN WiFi Throughput. I will ad another video with WiFi 6 waiting on a WiFi 6 killer and WiFi 6 Intel adapter to come in today to test on latest WiFi 6 cards available on Amazon.

    Initial setup and testing before 1st reset:

    iperf3 testing LAN WiFi:

    Final speed test review:

    The Router is stable. No USB, Excellent WiFi coverage with 5Ghz, Comparabled to Unifi HD AP for WiFi Coverage if not better.

    Would have liked to see more options in the AmpliFi App and a USB for NAS or Print server. This is one of the fastest WiFi 6 Routers out.

    iperf3 testing max throughput about 960 up and down on Note 10Plus WiFi 6.

  • @cole-shiflet Yes, it can be configured in bridge mode. There would be a benefit by using the Alien over the HD. All devices that are wireless with WiFi-6 capabilities will be able to use those radios that the HD unit does not have. And since Alien will be hardwired into the modem/router combo, there will a direct connection providing full speeds.

  • Why isn't the Amplifi Alien Wi-fi 6 Certified??

    Hi @trevor-hardy - most likely because WPA3 hasn't been implemented yet, which @UI-Brett indicated was "in the works"

    So full WiFi6 certification should be forthcoming as well...

  • @ui-brett can you confirm what type of WAN/Internet port does the standard HD system and Gamers Edition have? Is it a gigabit ethernet type?

  • @tony-penev It has to be a gigabit port on the HD because I'm getting around 900Mbit/s speeds from my gigabit internet connection here in Switzerland.

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