Amplifi HD Time&Date not shown after firmware update

  • I noticed the Time&Date became "----" on LCD the next morning after I updated firmware to the latest release.
    I tried to reboot, power off and it get no better.
    Is there anything changed inside the firmware about the time service?
    Maybe an unaccessable NTP address? If that's the source I got this time displayed.
    I'm from China btw, maybe some of the services are blocked?
    Please help me out here, because this is my favorate desktop clock.
    Thank you very much.

    My conection is:
    Optic Modem Router(came from ISP) <---> Amplifi HD#1(dhcp server) <---> Amplifi HD#2

    Everything was running smoothly before this upgrade.

  • @田鹏 Are you getting time on either of your AmpliFI HD's? AmpliFi uses NTP on port 123 to communicate with the time and date server. Ff this is being blocked by the firewall in your ISP equipment, that would cause this error so please check there first.
    Another possible solution is update your DNS address, sometimes that is why it cannot communicate with the server.

  • @ui-brett Thank you for your response.
    Both of my two HDs have this time display issue.
    The thing is, I didn't do anything except updating firmware, there is no change on ISP modem, and there should be no DNS change either.
    (I just checked the modem when I'm replying this post, there're no item on the block list)

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