Adding Router to kit as mesh point

  • This is doing my nut in

    I have the kit with router and 2 mesh point, I know the mesh points are hard coded, no issues with that.

    I purchased an additional standalone router to install on the second floor of my home as a mesh point hard wired to my fiber ONT.

    Setup is as follows, kit router hardwired to ONT (4 port switch with fiber connection). 2 kit mesh points connected to kit router. I have hardwired with second standalone router and want to add it as mesh point, I open the AmpliFi app, tap "add to network" and then give it a name but it simply goes back to the original setup screen after beeping twice and displaying "Configuring" on the screen. I even left it for an hour to see if it would complete, it didn't

    Any advice as to how to add a standalone router to a kit as a mesh point?

  • When you add it, it needs to be setup as a wireless MeshRouter first. You can enable ethernet backbone. Move it in the same room as the router, plug in to power (not ethernet) and try to add it again.

  • Hi @mark-spencer - if you want to add the new standalone router as a mesh point to your existing kit mesh, you first have to add it as a wireless mesh point with nothing connected to the WAN port and in wireless range of the kit router along with Bluetooth enabled on the device running the AmpliFi app

    Then if you want to enable Ethernet backhaul you have to toggle it on in the app after it’s working as a wireless mesh point, and then connect the standalone router’s WAN port to a LAN port on the kit router

    If you can only connect to the ONT and can’t make a wired connection to the LAN side of the kit router, then you would have to set up the standalone router as its own independent router with another IP address from the ISP and configure it with the same SSID and password as the kit, but it won’t be a true mesh, unless I misunderstood something in your description

  • @derek-saville Thank you, I think you have encapsulated the situation perfectly however I have tried simply powering on the standalone router without WAN or any Ethernet connection and adding it as a mesh point but that doesn't work either.

    I find it rather strange that the stand alone router would have to be directly connected to the primary for it to work properly in mesh and not possible through a 3rd device like a switch. Surely these relationships are based on MAC addresses?

    My kit router is in bridged mode so essentially I need 2 ethernet connections from the kit router, one for connectivity to the ONT and one for connectivity to the standalone router mesh point?

    Seems absurd as then I would need 3 routers. 1 for bridge to ethernet which is in my pantry (My ONT is there and it is tucked way in a corner of my home) and the one located in a primary sport on my 1st floor and another on my second floor landing

  • @ui-jt

    Tried this, doesn't work. I get the PING sounds but the standalone returns to the default screen

  • Can I set the standalone as the primary router and the kit as secondary router mesh and mesh point mesh?

    I also have 2 additional standalone mesh points so essentially 2 routers and 4 mesh points

  • @mark-spencer You cannot set the standalone up as the primary router, you need the kit as the primary router. Set the router up as a separate standalone router wired to the other AmpliFi, then update it, reset it and try to add it again. It sounds like a firmware mismatch.

  • @ui-jt Update and factory reset was the first thing I did

    All on 3.1.2

    I have tried wires through LAN, wired through WAN and non wired with the routers next to each other

    AmpliFi make this way to complex and I am an avid Ubiquiti user

  • Hi @mark-spencer - after factory resetting the new router, can you set up the new standalone router as a new independent installation in DHCP mode with its WAN port connected to a LAN port on the kit router, with a unique SSID?

    And it works in this double NAT configuration?

    Was the standalone router new and in the original box?

    Just want to be sure the new router wasn’t somehow switched with another kit router

  • @derek-saville I can set it up as a standalone and a unique SSID without issues and yes, it was brand new purchased off of Amazon although the package was open and inspected by DHL when it went through customs.

    The router was still wrapped in the plastic film and in a factory default state when it arrived.

    I am wondering if my only option is to buy another standalone router and use the 2 stand alone routers and 2 stand alone mesh points and then get rid of the kit. A waste of money and time though and it will severely sour my impression of AmpliFi

  • RIGHT, i got it working.

    Seems I was given a unit that had been returned and it was paired with a teleport which seemed to be giving it grief, I found it out by settings it up as standalone then connecting using the webpage

    Also, I am using the ethernet through the ONT switch and it works perfectly

    Happy days

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