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  • I have an Amplifi HD with three mesh points. Do the mesh points work with the new Amplifi Alian router?

  • @robert-leslie No they do not. This is also discussed on this thread if you would like more information about it:

  • I'm in Vancouver, Canada and would like to purchase the Alien router. Can you please direct me accordingly? Thanks.

  • Brett or other Support,

    I have (4) Amplifi HD routers(two upstairs on opposite ends of the house and two downstairs) with one being the Main and the other 3 being connected via Ethernet backhaul. I also have three plugged in mesh points installed for dead spots throughout a 7000 sq ft. two story house and garage(1 in garage).

    Would I get better performance with less hardware if I took all that out and bought (2) Amplifi Alien Routers, one for each side of the house and maybe on different floors?


  • UI-Brett:
    Thank you. So would the Alien router give better performance and have as good as coverage as my current system without any additional mesh points?

  • @bruce-meli Unfortunately at this time we only have US models available for sale and we will be updating the community post when that changes.

  • @robert-leslie This is a great question, and similar to @Kirk-Jones's as well. The "Range" aspect of a network comes primarily from the 2.4GHz frequency. However with WiFi 6 and mesh technology you will have a denser signal and with fewer mesh points this could provide you with better coverage because of less of a performance drop per hop. That and MU-MIMO and beamforming support also increases the performance which can help as well.

    There is no concrete answer for this, simply put it depends on your environment and factors that could possibly cause interference with the signal.

  • @ui-brett See my other reply on this but I have a HD unit with 3 Antenna and I am looking for stronger better signal, but that is also dependent on the device being used, people forget that. Example a Antenna in a iMac is going to be a lot stronger than a iPhone or Samsung phone, and that is also dependent on the phone and it's technology. I want a stronger signal that will go further and that can hand more units being on my network and keep interference from other networks out! I use WiFi Explorer and it shows how many networks are going on in my neighborhood and what channels are clogged up as interference can make things troubling as well.

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