• New here, I do have a very large Unifi network that I setup and maintain at work. So I am use to Ubiquiti Unifi. I am was using a Asus GT-AC11000 at home. So since this is my first Amplifi I would like to make some suggestions. Overall I really love it so far. The things below are thing I think should be added so they can compete better. The thing I was disappointed in is the lack of the 10Gb ethernet or at least 2.5Gb port. Come on you could of given us one. What you should of done is have one 2.5Gb for the Wan and one 2.5Gb lan. I know that cant be added, I am just venting since I have to give up the 2.5Gb ethernet on my PC. Thank you Ubiquiti.

    1. Please add Web Filtering\blocking for kids.
    2. Please allow it to replace my cloudkey. I do have to Unifi switches it would be nice to just do firmware updates at least. Or at least have a way for it to control the cloud key.
    3. Please add the option for built in Antivirus. I would gladly pay a monthly fee for Bitdefender. I know they have a Box that does this, but I really dont want to have to have 2 routers basically. Bitdefender has #1, #5, #6 and #7. So its two birds with one stone. I like having a Router based Antivirus, because it should stop the virus before hitting your network. 4. Bitdefender will licences their product.
    4. Please add a info page with CPU and RAM usage.
    5. Please add Web history per device.
    6. Please add IPS ( Intrusion Prevention System).
    7. Please add Malicious web site blocking.
    8. I dont know if this is possible, but I would love the ability to pick one lan port and have the router treat it kinda like a guest wifi (isolated). Internet only and no ability to browse the network. The reason is Comcast has a crappy old Netgear wifi router that my home Alarm has to go through. I know its not very secure, but its required.
    9. Please add the ability to see monthly data usage for the Router and per client. I like to be able to see were all my data is going. If possible add what the data is being used for. Example, I can see my son used 100gb of data on youtube this month.
    10. Schedule Reboots.
    11. WPA 3.

  • @timothy-farley Not even a week old and already a laundry list of request? Come on at least let there be some reports on the products performance!

  • @james-earl-ford

    I was going for a coming from Asus router thing. What I can tell you is coverage is awesome so far. Full bars from across the street and 2-3 house down. It also seems was more stable then the Asus. I also wanted to list things while it was fresh in my head. The Amplifi product is competing with others, so I wanted them to know this is what needs to be added to go up against Asus\Netgear\Etc. I went in to this blind and wanted to list things I expected it to come with or have in the future.

    If you performance reports let me know and I can get them. I have a 802.11ax wifi card in my laptop. I get a solid 1.2Gbps connection from across the house and downstairs.

    1. WPA 3

    Hi @timothy-farley - this is probably the only guaranteed one on your list since I believe they cannot obtain WiFi6 certification without it

    I was skeptical since AmpliFi goes out of their way to NOT call it an actual WiFi6 router, only saying it “uses WiFi-6 technology” etc

    But I did go ahead and replace 2 installations that previously had dual HD’s with wired Ethernet backhaul, and so far so good as an upgrade to a single router setup

    It reminds me how good the HD’s were when they first launched, but those seemed to degrade in performance and stability with new firmware releases over time that couldn’t seem to keep up with newer modern client devices

    Let’s hope this platform has room to grow and WPA3 is the only thing holding it back from WiFi6 certification...

  • @timothy-farley and I would like pigs to fly please...

  • @ali-hadi Yes when you spend $380 on a WiFi router, you have the right to ASK Politely for some features to be added. Also since Ubiquiti is going after the gaming market, I thought letting them know what they are missing compared to their competition. Plus since I work in Unifi all day, I see what options Unifi has vs Amplify.

  • @derek-saville Because Ubiquiti went with the best chipset on the market, I am hoping that they plan on really making this shine. The hardware is there. So far this router has been solid. I am giving up a lot a features that my Asus Gt-ax11000 has, but I am betting on this Amplifi router to kick butt long term. Still missing my 2.5Gb Ethernet port, but that's about it.

  • @timothy-farley Believe you me, I absolutely share your aspirations. I was just injecting a bit of realism. I disagree with you though that AmpliFi is angling for any particular market as their products remain prohibitivley expensive and out of reach for the many considering the available competition. I am just waiting for Draytek's next move to happily hand over my money.........

  • @ali-hadi I guess the new has not wore off for me. Plus since I live in Unfi land, stuff get fixed and taking care of all the time.

    I don't mind throwing down $400 to test something out for fun. I actually use to be a hardware beta tester for Netgear and for other companies I can't name (NDA). Ubiquiti has been a great company for me. I designed a very large network and it's solid. There are one of the very few companies I trust and Ubiquiti has always been good to me.

  • Hi @timothy-farley - you will find some healthy skepticism on this forum as there are many differing opinions on what users should be expecting from the AmpliFi range versus Ubiquiti products and some feeling like the HD range did not live up to expectations or at least under delivered

    Pretty much everything you requested above was requested multiple times over for the HD's and never implemented

    But AmpliFi did deliver some requested features as long as they fit into their product image, which was more about "consumer friendliness" and "ease of use" than additional functionality to compete with Asus or other router vendors

    We all hope AmpliFi goes down the path of added functionality, but don't be shocked if very little materializes

    It will be very interesting to see if their product philosophy changes

  • @derek-saville Thank you for understanding what I was suggesting, I really like the product and want it to do well. I spent an hour on the phone with support and they seemed to like my idea's. The easiest one was a status page that shows you each cpu core usage, ram usage, and per radio usage. Its simple, but nice to have that info when you log in. I tried to give them simple things to add to the GUI. They need to step up their game. Small thing can really make or break a product. I really wanted to give a list of thing that would be nice and hopefully easy to add. This was in no way negative, but a fresh pair of eyes.

    Hopefully that take some of these ideas and roll with them. This is a power users router that is missing the power user settings. Even simple things like scheduling reboots would not take long to add. I explained it like this, I like to have it reboot every Wednesday and Sunday morning around 3 am. By doing that it keeps the router preforming better.

  • I wandered onto this as I'm contemplating the Amplifi HD system to replace my Synology mesh. Until i can apply a timed web filter (like the Syno can) during Covid so the little darlings get their homework done, i'm now put off purchasing.

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