Anyone has an AMPLIFI Alien yet?

  • Was wondering about it’s performance on Gigabit ISP and if it suffers from bufferbloat or not? And how the WiFi speeds are.

  • I got mine on Friday and got it hooked up today. It is amazingly fast. I went from two Amplifi HD routers with wired backhaul between them to a single Amplifi Alien. I have a 1GB internet connection at home. My Wifi speeds pretty much doubled. My iPhone went from 380 down to 721 down running Speed Test on WIFI. My Mac on WiFi now gets 700. Could not be happier.


  • @scott-hunter-0 your results also depend on what hardware you’re using. What iPhone model do you have?

    Because if it’s an 11 using Wi-Fi 6 then your results aren’t surprising. It’s the older devices we are worried about and Gigabit ISP connection quality.

  • In case anyone else was looking for these answering @Angelo-M , has a nice post with YouTube video reviews, has answered what I wanted so. Have my Alien on order now 🙂

  • @christopher-harris I got mine Friday. I replaced a Asus GT-Ax11000. I have lots of wifi 6 devices. The only thing I miss is the 2.5Gb port on the Asus. Coverage is way better then even the Asus. On my laptop I get about 800-900Mbps down. Even on a phone that has AC, I walked across the street and down 3 house with full bars. The Chipset they used is was better then the broadcom everyone else is using. Make sure you go to http://amplifi.lan and change this setting.Enable Add blocker.

    Make sure you DON'T turn on Qos. I have Xfinity with 1Gb internet and it's a waste. What happens is Qos will try to spreed the bandwidth out so everyone gets a fair piece of the pie. My speeds dropped to 200Mbps. If you have any questions message me, I enjoy helping people.

  • @timothy-farley thank you for the info! I’m wondering about the QoS you mentioned. From what I heard on the forums here the Alien uses the same QoS setup as the Gamers Edition with the Latency and Throughput selectable options. So there isn’t a way to really turn off QoS on the Gamers Edition. Is this the case on the Alien? Or can you actually turn off QoS completely?

  • @tony-penev Its there under http://amplifi.lan/. If you turn it off it will make you inter faster.


  • @timothy-farley gotcha, that looks like the same setup as my Gamers Edition. What type of wireless speeds are you seeing with your Alien?

  • @tony-penev In my master bedroom which is about 1 story up and 60 feet away with a few walls. Sorry I know too detailed. I get 320 Mbps down, with AC I would get 120 Mbps down. I know on my phone down stairs I get over 800 Mbps. Across the street and 3 houses down I got 20 Mbps. These are numbers.

  • Hi Everyone! I spent almost all of today writing my first review of the AmpliFi Alien. I have gigabit symmetric Internet (AT&T Fiber), but I also have a small apartment. Nevertheless, you might find my thoughts useful:

    Since I'm not just a shill, I'll be straight with you and save you a click: it's great. Over Ethernet, I get close to the theoretical max. Over wireless, I've seen peaks of 600 Mbps down. I have not seen anything north of 800 Mbps over wireless. I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max, so I should have Wi-Fi 6.

    Also, it doesn't work with the Stadia controller at all. Maybe that's a Stadia thing though?

  • @lucas-nicodemus Your review looks good. I am going to read over it a few times. I am going to make a list of changes I recommend. So this post will be edited multiple times.

    1. Under 2.4Gjz turn on 20/40 MHz.
    2. I have router steering on since I have no mesh.
    3. Enàble 802.11k
    4. Enàble Dns ad blocker.
    5. I tried all browser and Chrome was the fastest.
    6. I used, I don't know if it will work for you, but it was faster then
    7. I also turned ipv6 on.
    8. The best wireless device was a Windows PC with the killer Intel 802.11ax. it connects at 1.2Gbps.
    9. The cpu is
    10. Netgears Rax120 supports WPA3 out of the box. The drivers on done unlike Broadcom so WPA3 should be soon.
    11. The firewall and Ips is there, but hidden. I had a long take with them saying they need to advertise it.

    I will update more later.

  • @timothy-farley thanks for your feedback!

    On some things:

    1. I'm a firm believer in not changing 2.4Ghz band settings in my environment. It's just too congested.
    2. As far as I know, it only applies if you have a mesh network?
    3. Maybe.
    4. I don't plan to.
    5. I don't use Chrome because of the Manifest v3 changes, and the fact that it nearly destroyed my machine with an update (this is the infamous "Chrome Bricks Macs" thing).
    6. I tried the xFi speedtest, and it got to about 600 Mbps down.
    7. Yep.
    8. I don't have a Windows device.
    9. For the Alien?
    10. Interesting! I'll update my article with that in about 30 minutes.
    11. Unfortunately, if they don't advertise it, I won't list it as a feature. I couldn't find it literally anywhere, and CLI access on AmpliFi doesn't count to me.

    Edit: Updated per No.10, and credited you! Will automatically be deployed in 1-2 minutes.

    Edit 2: I am mostly satisfied with the practical speedup I'm seeing on my network. I read one resource that said the theoretical data rate is 11 Gbps. If you're getting 1.2 down, it's possible that my iPhone (my only Wi-Fi 6 device) just is...deciding not to use Wi-Fi 6? It wouldn't surprise me -- Apple is pretty bad at networking. But unfortunately, I don't have any other 6 devices in the house to test with.

  • @lucas-nicodemus

    Sorry for talking in this format, but for easy lets stick with it.

    1. Just try it temporary.
    2. Correct, but I have it on and I am getting good result. It work hurt anything so trying it.
    3. Try it, lol. If it does not work change it back. It software, it is not going to break it.
    4. You might like it, but to each there own.
      5 lol Try chrome just for the speed test. I installed firefox just for it. Then removed it when I was done. Chrome was the fastest. I am not biased to Chrome, its a memory hog.

    I will update later.

  • @timothy-farley it's okay 🙂

    Okay, I on your suggestion I tried 802.11k & 802.11v, as well as router steering. On Wi-Fi, had no change in speeds within 5 feet of the gateway. The only thing I didn't change was the 2.4 Ghz band settings, but I did verify that I was connected via 5 Ghz before testing anything. Nothing changed anything here. On my Ethernet-connected desktop, I tested in Chrome (I forgot that I reinstalled it for Stadia testing) via fast, still gigabit WAN speeds.

    On iOS, web browsers like Chrome and Firefox can't use any browser engine or JavaScript engine other than WebKit, so installing Chrome on there wouldn't help.

    I also tested to Comcast's speed test site for grins too, but no dice. It's always possible that if you're on a provider's network, you'll get speed test results that are higher than if you aren't (you just sit on their backbone). So maybe you're getting better results from Comcast, because you have Comcast? I'm not sure -- just a possibility.

    I also tested rebooting the AmpliFi & trying to kick remote access back on. Nothing helped there either. I'm not really bothered by the remote access thing, and I think it's kind of a hilarious joke that you can't sign into the AmpliFi controller through Ubiquiti SSO, so I won't be working on that until Ubiquiti get around to fixing it.

  • @lucas-nicodemus You certainly can use our SSO for remote access sign in, try updating the app/router, this has been available for some time.

  • @ui-jt I'm talking about the "AmpliFi Controller beta" @ These are the sign in options I'm seeing. I tested both in Firefox + Chrome.

    0_1575060070480_Screen Shot 0031-11-29 at 12.40.41.png

    0_1575060103764_Screen Shot 0031-11-29 at 12.41.33.png

    Edit: If I sign in with my Google account that matches the email on file for my Ubiquiti account (from, I don't get to the same account, it seems. I didn't expect it to work, but the AmpliFi device isn't shown in the UniFi side either.

  • @lucas-nicodemus Thanks for pointing this out. Ill reach out to the dev team and see if this feature will be implemented.

  • @ui-jt to be clear: I love the Alien and I'm 100% satisfied with it. I have a couple nitpicks (as would anyone), but I'm more than happy with having a solid Ubiquiti-built gateway. 💚

    The remote access from inside the app can't be reset without a factory reset, right? If it could be, I'd be more than willing to test it. I fully accept that it could be ISP interference too -- I just don't know since I've successfully had luck with the UniFi product line here.

    I know I'm also jumping off topic -- feel free to PM me if you have suggestions on this specific thing. Most people probably care about speed, and the Alien is delivering quite admirably here.

  • @lucas-nicodemus I just got off the phone with them. They say it does have a firewall and Ips. They hopefully will be updating the website.

    I asked them to put a status page with. This would be the main page when you open the app. What do you think? This is my idea, they did not make any promises.

    1. Cpu usage, per core!
    2. Ram usage, both storage and memory
    3. Firewall Status
    4. Ips Status.

  • @lucas-nicodemus In the app just hamburger (3 lines in the top right), then click log out. The will redo remote access I think.

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