Outdoor Extension?

  • Folks,

    I am a current very happy owner/user of an Amplifi HD system in my primary residence. I want to install a 2nd system in our cabin and I want to extend the cabin wifi to a garage about 200 feet away. Is there anyway to extend the Amplifi HD by adding a directional antenna or outdoor AP? Any recommendations or guidance is greatly appreciated!

  • @david-whipple I was thinking of using the following:

    ubiquiti lbe-5ac-gen2-us litebeam wireless bridge

    But wasn't sure if it would be interoperable with the Amplifi..

  • @david-whipple They would not be managed on the same platform, but you could use this and other Ubiquiti product to create that wireless bridge between your two buildings.

    With AmpliFi not having an outdoor solution, this is a great alternative.

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