Additional 5ghz Radio option.

  • So on the web site (for ordering) it shows 2 radios on the Amplifi Alien. One Wifi 6 and one Wifi 5. In settings it says enable additional 5ghz radio, which should be the Wifi 5 I am guessing. Under that it says SSID name. I have Common SSID name on, so do I just name it the same SSID? Just want to double check. It wont let me leave it blank. Thanks.

  • @timothy-farley Under the Common SSID, you will have all bands. If you would like to isolate your 5Ghz AC band, then you toggle that feature on and provide it with a unique name, could be as simple as adding -5AC or something to the end of it.

  • @ui-brett I called in and was explain it another way. The person I spoke to call an engineer and they agreed it is confusing how it is written. I was told it was there for Nest issues, because Nest devices hate triband. What I got was this is the 2nd 5Ghz Wifi 5 chip in the picture that shows the inside (on the product page). There is 1 Wifi 6 5Ghz\2.4Ghz radio chip. Then a 2nd Wifi 5 5Ghz only chip. So If I enable it, I will end up with Triband. They said just name it the same as the common SSID name. I am just wanting to us it as a 3rd band. Here is where is gets confusing, it says enable additional 5ghz, so is this 5Ghz enabled for Triband on, but when you enable it here it creates another SSID? Is this another 5Ghz radio besides the Wifi 6 and Wifi 5 ones?

    All I want is to use it for the common SSID and have both radios working together.

    The option says

    Additional 5Ghz radio Enable\Disable
    SSID Name
    ____________________ (You have to put something here if you enable it)

  • @timothy-farley said in Additional 5ghz Radio option.:

    So If I enable it, I will end up with Triband

    No, the common SSID will broadcast in tri-band by default.

    These features are all designed to make AmpliFi Alien versatile to conform and function in all types of configurations and scenarios. The Nest example was a great example for some devices that only liked to communicate with a 2.4Ghz only network. So similar to that, if you have a device that does not communicate well or play nice with a common SSID (2.4Ghz, 5GHz, 5GHz WiFi-6) then you can broadcast a 5GHz only network.

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I will work on the support article to make this concept less confusing.

  • @ui-brett If you don't mind could I make a few gui suggestions. I have a list on another forum, but I'll make a simple one here. I have more suggestions, but these are the quick simple ones. Thank you for your time. Also I live in my Ubiquiti UAS-XG-US all day at work. So I am a big fan.

    1. Please have a status page that displays quad core CPU usage, ram usage and Radio usage (Per radio please). It helps with trouble shooting. Plus looks cool.
    2. Please add the option to schedule automatic backups. This helps keep the system running better.
    3. Please add Data usage by device. I have Xfinity with a 1tb cap, I like to see where my data went. So total monthly and per device please. This also helps with security.
    4. This is not needed but would be nice. Please have a page that displays firewall and ips status. Most people don't know this is built in and would help insure people know that there unit is secure.

  • @ui-brett Sorry to be so confused - if I leave the "Additional 5 GHz Radio" switch OFF, the radio is still being used, it just clumps in with the same SSID? Or do I have to turn the switch on and name it the same? Or am I better off naming it different? Which makes me wonder why I can give it another SSID below that under the 'ROUTER ADDITIONAL SSID' option.

    I don't want to NOT use the extra radio - is the a downside to enabling it?

    Having some in-app tool tips would really help this make sense.

  • @joe-whiteis said in Additional 5ghz Radio option.:

    Additional 5 GHz Radio" switch OFF, the radio is still being used, it just clumps in with the same SSID?

    Correct, that way if you have a device that does not have WiFi-6 capabilities, you do not need to worry about creating an additional network just for those devices to connect.

  • I've read this thread 3 times and I'm still confused about what that setting does and the best way to configure it (on/off and same SSID as the primary or not?).

    I have no wifi-6 devices yet but I have two Aliens so they are using wifi6 for the mesh link.

  • @robbie-foust Leave it off. Its a setting to make another SSID out of the Wifi 5 radio instead of having them work together.

  • @robbie-foust Truly only needed if a device will not connected to the network while the bands are combined. Like @Timothy-Farley stated, leave it off initially and only enable when a device may need it.

  • Got it, thanks!

  • I don't think you are giving the right info. As verified with the apple airport utility, with this setting off the router is only broadcasting duel band, with it on, tri band. This might is not the intended result but it is what is happening.

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