Port-forward profile/toggling

  • Hey guys,

    I work remotely from home on a full-tunnel VPN connection (they lock it down so much that I literally can't reach any local devices on my network when the tunnel is up...)

    What I end up needing to do in order to RDP to a workstation local to my network is pop a quick port-forward open on the external side (IE - 30876 external to 3389 internal). I leave this port forward open so I can make the initial connection, then delete it so that I don't keep that attack vector open externally on my router. Problem being, is every time I want to do this I have to re-create the port forward which is a PITA.

    Any way I could submit an RFE (Request for Enhancement) to have functionality added so that I can create a port-forward profile, and then enable/disable it with a simple tap without having to completely blow away the configuration and re-create it every time?


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