Multiple hidden SSIDs being transmitted

  • Since the latest firmware update my WiFi got really bad (3.1.2). Tried to discover the cause and found out multiple SSIDs that seems to be transmitted from my router even though I only have a single active SSID.
    The router WiFi MACs:
    2.4GHz -> f0:9f:c2:a1:e6:34
    5GHz -> f0:9f:c2:a2:e6:34
    The unexpected MACs transmitting with same power in the same channels:

    Factory reset didn't solved the issue.
    Rolled back to 3.1.2rc2, didn't solved.
    Updated to 3.1.2 again, didn't solved.
    Enabled the guest network, didn't solved.
    Changed the guest network to WPA2 instead of letting the default value, assigned a password, enabled and disabled the guest network. All of the hidden SSIDs disappared, except for f6:9f:c2:a1:e6:34, on the 2.4GHz channel.

  • Update: they come back after a while. Changing the guest network password only fixes temporarily.

  • I have the same issue. I have three HD’s of which two are configured as RAMP’s. Both are using Ethernet as backhaul connection. It seems that every SSID is doubled (both in 2.4G as in 5G). One with the give name and one hidden. I assume the hidden ones are used for MESH purposes. But that should not be needed as it is configured to use the Ethernet as backhaul.
    End result is that it is now very crowded in each band, reducing overall performance significantly.
    I am no longer able to get speeds above 100 Mbps wirelessly. While I used to have 200 or more in the past.

  • Using the Airport tool on my iPhone and doing a WiFi scan shows it creates even more hidden SSID’s than I thought. Very strange.

    Uploaded a screenshot which shows 5 WiFi networks in the 5G band. All pointing to the same router. Only one has a visible SSID.

    I am not sure if the screenshot is visible, though.


  • Same here, many hidden SSID with Amplifi HD but not when i had other routers.
    What's going on ?

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