AT&T Fiber Setup and Wired Ethernet Backhaul

  • Situation:
    - AT&T fiber installation with Arris BGW210-700
    - 2 AmpliFi HD routers (one to be used as a RAMP with wired ethernet backhaul)
    - Two wireless mesh points
    - Three CAT5E jacks in the house

    I have the Arris set up for IP passthrough with the main AmpliFi router connected into LAN1 and Hardware NAT enabled. When I plug in the three CAT5E jacks to the back of the AmpliFi router, I no longer receive signal at the punch downs in the house. When all three are plugged into the Arris modem, they work fine. If I don't plug them into the AmpliFi router connected to LAN 1 then I won't be able to use wired ethernet backhaul (or at least I can't seem to figure out how to). What could I possibly have set wrong on the IP passthrough that I can't use the LAN ports on my AmpliFi router? I know it's completely different but when I had Xfinity, all the ethernet ports except for the one I had the router plugged into didn't work after bridge mode was enabled. I guess I was expecting some of the same thing with AT&T. Any help would be appreciated.

  • What mode do you have the Amplifi running as? Bridge, DCHP, PPoE? Because it sounds like even though you have “IP Passthrough” set on the Arris, it’s still handing out IP’s and managing NAT. I used to have AT&T and from what I remember, you couldn’t fully make their equipment run as a “modem” only. Check and see if you have a DMZ option for the Arris. Otherwise you’ll have to use Bridge Mode on the Amplifi.

  • I have the AmpliFi in DCHP mode. I'll check the DMZ and I do believe reading about the Arris having this feature.

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