Amplifi HD and HG612 on Vodafone

  • I've been having continuing issues with losing connection on Vodafone Superfast 1. I upgraded to a ubiquiti amplifi hd mesh system which has been great for wifi connectivity. But still loosing internet connection so wanted to replace the Vodafone modem with an HG612 3B.

    I followed instructions online:

    1. Factory reset the HG612
    2. Enter the PPPoE details into the Amplifi.
    3. Connect then both up.
    4. Restart everything.

    But the amplifi doesn't connect to the internet. The DSL light is on the HG612 and I connected a laptop to it (Lan 1) and set up a new connection which connected to the internet - so I'm confident in the PPPoE credentials.

    The settings I have on the Amplifi are:

    PPPoE Username: (where at is @)
    Password: XXXXXXXXX
    Primary DNS:
    Secondary DNS:
    VLAN ID: 101
    UPNP: Enabled
    Hardware NAT: Disabled
    IPv6: disabled

    There aren't any other options for me to change here. I called Vodafone but of course they couldn't help as it's not a Vodafone bit of hardware. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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