Alien broadcasting weird "DYNAMIC-USER-AC-5Ghz" SSID

  • For some reason, in addition to my normal SSID, the Alien (current 3.2.3 firmware) is broadcasting an additional SSID called "DYNAMIC-USER-AC-5Ghz". Why? (This isn't a hidden SSID, it's available in normal network lists.)

    Note, too: when it's doing this, the SSID is taking up 80Mhz of bandwidth...crowding out the "real" network SSID.

  • @david-nanian Can you confirm that all of the additional SSIDs and separation options are disabled that are shown in this article?

    The one feature that you do want enabled for a single SSID to be broadcast is the Common SSID Name.

    Also, please make sure your Alien has been updated to the latest Firmware. If the settings are all properly configured, and an update did not resolve this, lets try factory resetting the device and configuring once again. You can use the same network credentials if you do not want to reconfigure all of your devices to the network.

  • @david-nanian Thanks for reporting that. We have reproduced the issue and will fix it soon. It is caused by empty SSID of 5 GHz additional radio.

    To resolve the issue please change additional 5 GHz radio SSID to value other than empty or disable it.

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