Amplifi Alien vs Amplifi HD Gamer Routers?

  • Hi Guys. I am currently running the Amplifi HD Gamers Edition Router with 2 Mesh Points in my 2000 square foot house. I seen the new Alien router is out and was wondering if it would be worth the upgrade. Amplifi HD with 2 Mesh Points or 1 Alien Router? Which set up would provide better wifi coverage through my house and speeds? And why? I appreciate the help! Thanks!

  • Yes one Amplifi Alien by itself, does double what a Amplifi Gamerz HD with its mesh units.. If you look on
    link text its in the left, just down a tiny bit.

    AmpliFi Alien
    AmpliFi HD
    Total Capacity
    AmpliFi Alien
    7685 Mbps
    AmpliFi HD
    1700 Mbps

  • The Alien is an obvious better choice, you get the new 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) protocol, and for older devices on 802.11ac (Wi-Fi 5) and n (Wi-Fi 4) you get better throughput because of new wireless technologies like OFDMA. The chipset Amplifi uses in the Alien is also greater in coverage compared to other AX routers out right now according to reviews. I use the Gamers Edition and a standard HD in wireless mesh point configuration, and I will definitely be upgrading to Alien. I would say, definitely do it.

  • I'm wondering the same. I currently have 4 HD Routers and no mesh points, with all of them using ethernet connections. Obviously, I wouldn't want to replace all 4 as that would be very expensive. Since it looks like they won't work together, I don't know what my options are.

  • Sounds good, I will be ordering the Amplifi Alien as soon as they put it on Amazon 🙂

  • Don't wait for Amazon. Order it from them directly. That way they get all the money for it. Otherwise Amazon will take a big chunk. That's money they can use to make more software updates.

  • @jon-greisz if you’re currently using 4 HD’s you would need only 2 Alien’s. They have roughly double the coverage of an HD.

  • Can you add the Amplifi HD Gamer as a mesh point to the Alien and not use the mesh points from the kit?

  • @jeff-laliberty No, only the Alien devices can be meshed with Aliens.

  • I received the Alien and installed it in place of my Amplifi HD Gamers Edition Router & Two Mesh Points. I am happy to report, I am receiving better coverage and faster speeds with one single Alien unit vs the HD Router with Two Mesh Points!

  • @scott-mckinney Thank you for sharing, that is awesome that you are able to not only better your network with Alien, but do it with less equipment!

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