AMPLIFY Alien and Circle Home Plus

  • I just received and finished setting up my new AMPLIFI Alien and my new Circle Home Plus. The Alien replaced my AMPLIFY HD, the Circle Plus my Cujo.

    The good: I love my Alien. Everything about the experience of first getting my Amplifi HD was there, it gave me a great sense of a quality product. I was a bit hesitant since in the last month I've had one of my mesh points completely die, and the LED on the bottom of the base unit all but die (in complete darkness, you can see a little, but my guess is it may be the backlight for the display leaking through), but so far at least I am happy with the quality of what I have.

    The good (continued): Everywhere in my house (even in the front yard) is way faster. I have rock solid and fast connection in my garage (previously unattainable with the HD and two mesh points) as well. My 350 megabit connection is never roadblocked by the wireless connection anymore.

    The bad: There is one corner of my house, which happens to be at the exact opposite corner of the house from where the Alien is (upstairs vs downstairs to boot), and a location that I sit quite often, and while it usually works find I have noticed the occasional hiccup there (there is some major interference going on as well). Not sure I want another full blown Alien down there (I already have ethernet setup for the devices in my entertainment center), but I would love to get a mesh point with Ethernet backhaul. Seems hard to justify another full blown Alien, although it would also probably cover my back yard in its entirety to boot.

    The ugly: This one isn't purely the Alien's fault, but Circle Home Plus MUST be run in Compatibility mode, which makes it run HOT. Running in this setup more then halved my download speeds (350 vs 134), but didn't really impact uploads at all (tests within margin of error). As much as the Cujo was a pain to setup, once I got it setup, I never had any problems, and with the Amplifi HD was never testing a noticeable speed drop. Too bad they are abandoned at this point.

    The question: I've been considering a Trend Micro Home Network Security box instead of the Circle, but I expect I'll have to run that in Compatibility mode as well, with most likely similar issues to the Circle (WAY hot, and probably significantly degraded performance). Given how much my Cujo filtered, I'm not really sure that the Alien by itself is giving me the security I'm looking for. So is the Trend Micro Home Network Security box a worthy replacement? And more importantly, will we see support for the non "Compatibility Mode" on these devices so not every piece of data must be routed through them.

    Thanks all!


  • @andrew-mitchell Hi Andrew, glad you are enjoying the Alien! Ill add your suggestion to our feature request list so our developers can consider it in the future.

  • @Andrew-Mitchell Hi Andrew - I am looking at the circle home plus and wondering if you have made a switch to Trend Micro or identified another solution
    thank you

  • I'm also curious about this. We have a Circle Plus and see the same speed degradation as described above.

  • I gave up on the Circle (too many problems in addition to the significant slowdown) and got myself a Winston home security appliance. It has been meeting my needs and is not slowing my connection down (I even doubled my connection rate and no impact from it). Their tech support has also been really quick to respond to issues. I've been considering a Firewalla Gold, just because I like having a little more control (we'll see what the reviews say when it starts shipping), but I have nothing bad to say about the Winston.

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