Using iPhone and iPad with AmplifiHD or Alien

  • I am on a quest to find the best router fir my home and devices. My home currently consists of C Spire Gbit Fiber to the home, several iPhone and iPad devices, AppleTV, and a few smart home devices like plugs, switches etc. I’ve gone through a couple of routers like Asus and LinkSys and have experience spotty connections, dropped connections. At the moment I have an eero pro system with 3 eero pro’s throughout the home. The speed and stability is much better except fir my iOS devices, particularly the iPhones. I have to constantly turn off WiFi and then back on. The phones sometimes won’t connect at all. I also will need to add another eero to get a really good network going.

    Sooooo, I’m wondering if the Alien system would work any better for my setup and to possibly provide even fast WiFi speeds throughout the house? I can get 150 MBits/sec WiFi if standing close to the eero but would like a little fast considering I have GBit. Thoughts on this? Sorry for throwing so much to y’all at one time.

  • Hey @jeff-garrett,

    Thank you for posting your question here. So with what you have described the AmpliFi Alien could definitely help get you faster speeds and get you ready for the next wifi generation. You would still want to get a few of them and mesh them together to get the best results for coverage and stability.

    You could also go with the AmpliFi HD system. It provides great coverage with the ability to expand with more mesh units.

    Both systems work great while handling an increased number of devices on the network.

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