2 Amplifi Alien for VRRP or HA?

  • Hi all,

    As I see the new Amplifi Alien has amazing specs and currently the only Wi-Fi Router / AP that supports Wi-Fi 6.

    Does it supports VRRP or HA?

    As I have two 1Gbps WAN connection at home, I would like to either have active-active (load-balancing) or active-passive (failover) connection for my home. With this Amplifi Alien, I would not have to get separate switch and AP.

    Or can I configure it in such a way, when the primary Amplifi Alien fails for WAN and Wi-Fi, the secondary Amplifi Alien takes over (similar to FortiGate HA).

    Please advise
    Thank You

  • @peter-wei-jian-tan Hi Peter, the AmpliFi Alien does not support VRRP/HA/Duel WAN, for this I would recommend looking at the Edge router line.

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