Problem with laptop not seeing local wired network via AmpliFi HD

  • Hi, I recently installed an AmpliFi HD to supplant the Comcast gateway modem/router in our apartment for wireless duties.

    The signal path is currently: Comcast modem to WAN port on Amplfi HD, with a cat5E cable from the one of the LAN ports on the back of the HD to a switch that feeds my PC, 2018 Mac mini, and a Synology NAS that I use for Time Machine backups and media storage.

    Here's the problem: for whatever reason, when I use the Amplfi HD wireless network, my 2019 MacBook Pro laptop can't see the local network, and can’t be seen by the wired Mac mini.

    This means that it can't see the NAS, and can't use Time Machine, transfer files to the Mac mini, etc.

    I should note that when I plug an ethernet cable into the MacBook, it’s seen by the local network, etc.

    And when I use the Comcast modem wireless network, everything shows up without issue as well.

    At this point, all I can think is that there’s some conflict between the Comcast modem and the AmpliFi HD, but for the life of me I can’t figure out what.

    I’ve already tried turning off the wifi on the Comcast modem, but it didn’t seem to change anything, so I turned it back on so that we could use the NAS & Time Machine.

    Any ideas?

  • @b-pr Place the AmpliFi in bridge mode so you can see all devices on the network. Follow this link for help enabling bridge mode

  • @ui-jt Hmmm... thanks for the suggestion; never even thought about that.

    Would putting the Comcast router into bridge mode work just as well? I technically don't need the wireless capabilities of the Comcast router...

    Thanks again!

  • @b-pr You can place the comcast device in bridge mode, just make sure you wire everything to the AmpliFi router. If you have multiple devices wired to the modem in bridge mode I believe it can create WAN issues, you may want to ask a Comcast representative.

  • @b-pr your main modem/router should be placed in bridge mode (basically no wi-fi and no dhcp from it). AmpliFi should be working in full mode to be able to benefit from all its features, since you seem to have a simpler use case/setup. Concerning the problem with the wi-fi: I presume you do connect to the main AmpliFi wifi and bot the guest one (as guest mode is isolated from the main one).
    HTH for the start,

  • Yeah, the setup is really basic; coax cable from building > Comcast gateway > ethernet cable > AmpliFi > ethernet cable > switch > wired PC, Mac mini, NAS.

    As for wifi, all of our wireless devices (laptop, iPads) are connected to the AmpliFi wifi I set up without any issues. The problem cropped up when I tried to get Time Machine on the laptop to back up to my NAS, and it couldn't find it.

    I'll switch the Comcast box over to bridge mode as soon as I have the time; appreciate the help, all!

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