Amplifi Alien vs UMD

  • Wasn't really sure where to post this so figured I would try here. I wanted to upgrade wifi in my house. I am trying to decide between an Amplifi Alien or a UMD. I don't have any wifi 6 devices yet so that's not a major concern but will in the future obviously. I'm just curious if someone can let me know which of the two devices has better range? The nice thing about UMD is that I can easily add a Beacon to increase range and it's cheaper than a seperate Alien. I do have most of my rooms that a pre-wired so that could be an option but I'd honestly like to try and keep things wireless. Any feedback would be great.

  • @eric-schwake Just go with the Alien, its future proof. Having 802.11ax and a better cpu. Plus honestly the coverage is amazing.

  • Think that one would cover a 2 story 3000 SQ ft home as long as I put it somewhere fairly central? I'd like to avoid having to pay over $600 for 2 of them.

  • @eric-schwake lol I own a 2 stories 3000sq ft home, just 1 unit needed. Also mines not in an great spot. The coverage is still excellent. Coverage 100% everywhere.

  • Awesome. I'll go with the Alien. Thanks for the info.

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