Alien router? Problem with Viasat Internet provider?

  • I am rural area. only had lousy broad band with 1-3 mbps download at most. Just got Viasat Satellite Internet. my internet speed test showing 40-50mbps. great for only option available in our area. But the viasat router wont reach throughout my home. one story- 5000 sq feet. modem almost at one end of house in electronic closet with all my sonas speaker brains. i tried using Orbi router with 2 extenders which will get ok coverage but would not work with my dish network to stream movies. can i use alien router to get better coverage? anyone know of any problems with satellite internet? thanks. I don't want to waste money experimenting if possible.

  • @mike-tanya-graves As long the router is in the center of the house 5,000 sq feet should be no issue. Going by their info it provides double the coverage as the last years model (that has 2 mesh units) and that unit covered 5,000sq ft. Now keep in mind thats best case. Its not magic, so if you have a cinder block walls or concrete it will be less. I will tell you it covers 3,000 sq ft and I can walk out front, across the street and 2-3 house down and still have full bars.

  • @timothy-farley - thanks. question--- if my electronic closet is not in the best location is it possible to run ?ethernet cable? from the viasat modem to the Alien router about 15 feet? if that is possible i can put router in center of home and just run cable to it and it sounds like solve my issue. i am definitely not tech savy. i know there are cat 5, 6, 7 cables out there.

  • @mike-tanya-graves That should be fine. It does not have to be perfect. Try in the electronic's closet first. Then walk around and test.

  • @timothy-farley - thanks

  • @mike-tanya-graves Good Luck.

  • I suspect 1 router may not be enough for a 5,000 sqft single story house. I can get 1 to cover my 4,700 sqft house, but it's 3 floors (including basement) so it's much more three-dimensionally condensed than a 5,000sqft ranch.

    Definitely try it with one (running the ethernet as you asked about) and see how you like it. If it works where you need it to work, then great!

    If not, then you might have better luck with a second unit. If you need a second unit, your experience will always be 100% better if you can run a second ethernet cable from the first unit to the second. This way they can be much further apart (say ~20% away from opposite ends of your house). You want their coverage areas to overlap, but not by a ton, if you have an ethernet backhaul. However, if you can't run a second ethernet cable, then their coverage areas have to overlap by a lot because you want the second unit to be inside of the "very good coverage" area from the first unit, which means both units will be covering that same area really well (and therefore wasting some of your other coverage potential, while also having slower data transfers).

  • @shane-milton - thank you for information. I am crossing fingers that this will work without ethernet cable to second unit. just because difficult to get through attic. definitely overlapping!

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