Request for Web settings to be added to mobile apps

  • Could we get the web settings (via amplifi.lan) added to the mobile apps?

  • @mark-miller Thank you for the suggestion! Is there a specific setting you would like to see from the WebUI?

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  • @ui-brett Why not all of them? Can you help me understand why there is a need for settings in different sources?

  • @mark-miller The features found on the WebUI are designed for more advanced troubleshooting and configuring, not standard features that all networks will need.
    With simplicity in mind, separating these features allows us to provide a mobile app that all user bases can understand and not worry about "what does this setting do?" where users may attempt to fix things that aren't broken.

    As of right now, the only features that are in both the WebUI and the mobile apps are ones that allow you to configure a basic network if no mobile device is available to initially setup a network.

  • @ui-brett Understood. In that case it feels like the 802.11k and 802.11v options make sense to be added into the app because they seem to fit with the "Band Steering" and "Router Steering" options. Adding similar descriptions, these two additional options can help people understand how to best configure their mesh network.

  • @UI-Brett I think part of the disconnect here is that the web in your face only has a comparatively small handful of features that the app doesn’t have. There’s a long history and apps of having an “advanced“ tab or settings that are a little more difficult to get to and have a very simple warning at the top of the page that says something to the order of “these are advanced settings. If you don’t know what these do, you should probably leave them alone, as they could adversely affect your network.“

    And then you could have parity between your app and your web UI.

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