Roaming, Bands, Additional SSID, Guest SSID?

  • Hi, I have the AmpliFi HD with 2 mesh points. There are 30+ devices needing to connect with some supporting both 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz, and some only supporting 2.4 GHz. I would like the devices that support 5 GHz to connect at that band. Should band steering be enabled or disabled in this scenario? Will band steering prevent the 2.4 GHz only devices from connecting in some cases?

    I am a bit confused on the proper setup to allow roaming and Guest/IoT Device access for 2.4 and 5 GHz.

    So, let's day I have a primary SSID, call it 'PRIMARY_SSID'. I have my router in the center of the house and two mesh points on either end of the house. So I connect my phone to PRIMARY_SSID on one end of the house (mesh_point1) and walk to the other end. My expectation is that as I move close enough the phone should reconnect to the router and then to the other mesh point (mesh_point2), all using only the PRIMARY_SSID. Does this just work, or is there some other special configuration needed?

    To setup a 2.4 GHz connection, I can enable the Additional SSID feature with the same SSID and select 2.4 GHz, which will create an additional SSID: 'PRIMARY_SSID-2G'. Can roaming still occur like the the example above if I configure the same SSID in the mesh points? I noticed the mesh points do no default to using the same SSID, so it makes me wonder if roaming is still supported when creating a specific band connection.

    Does the Guest network only work from the main router or is it also enabled on the mesh points for roaming support? There does not seem to the a configuration for this. Can users roam on the guest network like the first example above?

    How can I control the bands for the guest network? There does not seem to be a configuration for the Additional SSID on the Guest. I want to connect IoT devices to the 2.4 GHz Guest Network (ie. PRIMARY_SSID-Guest-2G and PRIMARY_SSID-Guest-5G). Why is the Additional SSID supported on the primary SSID, but not the Guest?


  • @jim-morrow Hi Jim,
    You will want band steering on in this setup so that 5Ghz capable devices a pushed to 5Ghz and leave more space in the 2.4Ghz range. Band steering should not prevent anything from connecting but note that some devices have issues connecting to Mesh networks, see this article for more on that:

    The primary SSID will do a hand off if a client is roaming as you described, there is no additional configurations that are needed for this.

    Additional SSID will be broadcast from the device it is configured on, you will need to create the same SSID on the router an both MeshPoints and this will create a network that will hand off. Although it does hand off it is not a true Mesh so the hand off may take a while and the client needs to have very poor signal before the hand off is done. See this link for more on that

    The Guest network will broadcast network wide, so from each component. The Guest network will act as the main SSID and supports hand off or fast transitions. For help setting up a guest network please take a look at this article

    You can control the channels and channel width. Please check out this article for help For your IoT devices I would recommend connecting them to an additional SSID setup on 2.4Ghz.

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