AmpliFi Alien Mesh WiFi 6 Router to replace a Netgear Night Hawk.

  • Hi all,

    Have some questions.
    With this unit can you still program it through IP address?
    What about the wireless cameras and having to add DYNDNS and program port forwarding?
    Does it have any antivirus or malware protection?
    And who has it how do you like it?
    And how does it stand up to the new Night Hawks X12?

  • @ron-costa Hi Ron, the Alien does have a web interface that you can reach via its IP address, however I would recommend using the app. It supports wireless cameras and if you need port forwarding it is easily done in the mobile app, DDNS is not supported but is on our feature request list (I will add your vote to the list). The Alien does not have an antivirus application but has an ad filter. Hope this helps!

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