No Data Flow Rate for Ethernet Devices?

  • Previously the Amplifi app provided individual device data transfer speeds for hard-wired (ethernet) devices just as shown for each wifi device listed on its network. However, due to the in-accuracy of this reading, it was discontinued until the error could be fixed. Until then, N/A is displayed in place of the missing data usage rate.

    It appears that there is intention to repair this feature to show accurate data usage rates, though, there is no ETA st this time.

    In searching out this infomation the following inquiry was made via the Amplifi Live Support menu selection:

    " i understand that due to a recent update, I  am no longer able to see a hardwired device's data usage rate as presently provided only for individual devices with a wireless connection. This is very disappointing to users with all or partially wired ethernet devices that cannot be monitored individually for data usage. It is very much a setback when trying to identify device(s) drawing unusually high data flows that hamper bandwith available from other devices. This was actually the reason for which I purchased the Amplifi cube, to resolve bandwith usage issues, having been told that all device speeds were provided via the Amplifi app devices listing (disclaimer: this info was from an ISP representative unaware of this deletion in a recent update; this info was not from Uniquiti Inc).

    I am hopeful and optimistic that Ubiquiti Inc. will be able to restore this invaluable feature to the Amplifi app soon to better manage hardwired devices, thank you."

  • I would like to see this fixed as well.

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