Guest Network tab - Only show guest network settings

  • I got stung the other day and realised that there's probably a slight UI flaw in the mobile app. When you go to the guest "tab" in the middle, you have the option to start the guest SSID. To the right of the Start button, there's a settings button and when you tap on that it takes you to the router wireless settings, which have the standard wireless settings at the top, and the guest settings lower down.

    So the other day, my sister was in town and we were chatting. While we were chatting I started the guest network and thought I'd change the password, but because the standard WiFi settings are at the top, I inadvertently changed the standard wifi password instead of the guest password and was confused as to why she couldn't connect to the guest network, and I simultaneously couldn't connect to the standard network.

    The thought occurred to me that maybe I had somehow changed the password on the standard network, so I tried reconnecting using the password I just set and must have fat-fingured the password because it didn't work. I almost ended up resetting the router back to factory settings (had restarted it a few times) but before doing so tried one more time entering the new guest password to connect to the normal wifi network and it worked. I then inspected the UI and realised what I'd done. (faceplam)

    I guess my point is that if you're in the context of the guest network and tap on settings, it should only show those settings. I was completely distracted when doing so, but to be fair, starting a guest network and setting it's password should be something that requires little concentration.

  • Plus one for this feature. Did the same thing when I was setting up two Alien routers. Wound up changing everything on the main network by accident. Would definitely like to see only the Guest network settings and not everything. Not very intuitive.

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