Upgrading from Amplifi HD to Amplifi Alien Potentially

  • Good Afternoon Everyone o/

    First time posting here and I am interested in upgrading from my current Amplifi HD Mesh Network to the new Amplifi Alien system to take advantage of higher speeds in conjunction with my Verizon FiOS Gigabit Service. I live in Washington, DC in what you would call a stacked townhouse aka Tall and Skinny. I live in a 3 level 2,000 sq.ft house as pictured below with media/entertainment services coming into the garage. So I am looking at getting two Amplifi Alien systems and I see that they don't have the mesh point antennas no more. What would yous guys recommend?

    0_1575924199048_autodraw 12_9_2019.png

  • @dana-holmes Hi, is there Cat5e wiring in the home that goes from the garage to the 2nd level or 3rd level? Thanks.

  • @ui-jt Yes it was built in the house. So where there is a TV in each living space I have ethernet outlets....So the HD Router in my master bedroom is directly connected to the ethernet outlet

  • @dana-holmes This will greatly improve speeds, I see no problems with this plan at all. If there is cat5e in each room consider using an AmpliFi instant router wired instead of MeshPoints on level 1 and 2. You will be happy either way but ethernet backbone will likely give you better speeds.

  • @ui-jt JT what is the difference between the instant routers and meshpoints?

  • @dana-holmes You will be able to wire the instant routers with cat5e to the main router and this will allow for much higher speeds. The MeshPoints connect to the router with wireless link and this will result in slower speeds, MeshPoints are great, but if possible would recommend wiring in the instants.

  • @ui-jt Thank you JT I am looking to ditch the Amplifi HD completely next year and go for the Amplifi Alien router(s). Looking at my house design would you recommend two or three Aliens for my house?

  • @dana-holmes You would probably do fine with one in the garage and one in the level 2 wired backbone. But that will obviously depend on your environment so this may or may not work.

  • @UI-JT JT thank you so very much for you help and I am looking at the HD instant routers as well...

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