AmpliFi questions

  • I want to install this in a home in the US West that is 25,000 sq. ft built into a hillside, so there are several levels. I would like to get an AmpliFi HD with 4 Mesh antennas, not two. Is there a kit that comes with 2 more mesh antennas?

    Also the owner wants to IPSEC tunnel this home's network to his east coast home. If you place a IP router with IPSEC ahead of the AmpliFi HD, how would teleport work? Would you need to forward ports through for it?

  • @daniel-drumm I would not go Amplifi for that, you need to look at Unifi side. Just get a cloud key and 3-4 UAP‑AC‑HD. Then a USG‑PRO‑4 for the gateway.

  • @daniel-drumm Any AmpliFi system can be expanded upon to make a perfect mesh solution for any home. You can start with a kit which is the router and two mesh points, and from there add two stand alone mesh points. Or (What most community members will recommend) just buy all stand alone devices because the two mesh points from the kit are hard coded to their router and can never be separated.

    UniFi and AmpliFi will both work, but what it will depend on is the complexity level of configuring the network you will need. If you are managing the network for your client and want an expansive enterprise caliber network configuration, go with UniFi.
    If you plan on configuring the network and then passing control onto your client, go with AmpliFi. Your client will thank you later for not asking him/her to learn a complex network controller.

    If this property has ethernet wires ran throughout, I would highly suggest going with multiple stand alone AmpliFi routers and configuring one mesh network using Ethernet backhaul. This will greatly improve coverage and performance by reducing the amount of wireless hops the data will need to travel.

  • @daniel-drumm DO NOT purchase a Kit because the mesh units are tied to the router it comes with. If the router breaks the mesh units are useless. Purchase the router and mesh units separately.

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