Suggestion # 1 ?

  • Suggestion #1 I think should be to figure out what these forums are for. I have observed over the last couple of months that there are many comments and topics from users but not that many replies from Support. Is this place partly for Support at all or for other reasons? Example. I had initiated contact with one rep from UBQT and soon another took over promising to help me resolve a couple of issues. After a few back and forth and a couple of months hs passed and the contact disappeared with my issues unresolved. I want to believe that the company stands behind its AMPLIFI products but so far this isn’t happening well. Would be nice to get support and have it be productive and dependable. So if there’s a rep that can tell me what these forums are for and maybe address the disappearing support please contact me. Thanks.

  • 100 % agree with this post. I've contacted the Amplifi team and was told this site was going to be a support vehicle. There is little to no interest for the UBNT/Amplifi team. In updating this "community site" in a timely fashion.

  • Yes, there is a Reddit site that had been the place for support, then this popped up and they said that this would be their official support community. But they seem to visit it about as often as the Reddit site.

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