2,5 and/or 5Gbit ports

  • Hello,

    I was just wondering (and it’s also a suggestion of course): why doesn’t the Amplifi Alien offer 2,5 Gbit and/or 5 Gbit ports?
    I understand that perhaps it would make the device a bit more expensive, but Wifi6 offers speeds much faster than 1 Gbit so now the speed is limited by the wired ports... That’s really too bad, I think.
    At least a 2,5 Gbit WAN port and one or more 5Gbit LAN ports would be very nice, perhaps on the next model then?
    Or is there any particular reason why there would be no use in including faster wired ports?

  • @rowdy-van-der-veen I wish more than anyone they did this too. I am sorry to say no, all 1Gb. I gave up a 2.5Gb port on my Asus Ax router. Still I don't regret buying the Alien.

  • @rowdy-van-der-veen The Alien currently has Gigabit ports, for home use this is going to be a very powerful router. We appreciate the input and I will add this to our list of suggestions for future consideration.

  • There are no 2.5Gb or 5Gb ports. Only 10GbE. NIC teaming on a managed switch won't even do those speeds.

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