• @UI-JT It’s been a couple months. Any update on this? Will we be able to get this in the future thru firmware update?

  • @chris-black Yes 160Mhz will be added via a firmware update. The hardware is there so don't worry. For them to get Wifi6 certificated, they need to add it and Wpa3.

  • @chris-black I think the alien is in the process of getting that certified, I hope that means we can have more than 8 devices in mu-mimo.

  • @chris-black We are working on this actively, I will update this thread when I have more information.

  • Godspeed @ui-jt

  • @chris-black if it is available in white by the time it's available in Australia, I'll be one happy man especially if the kit is in white.

  • Hi @edward-dolezal - ...and I wish the LED base ring was white instead of green

    The green LED ring makes one wonder if the Alien was originally intended to be a WiFi-6 Gamers Edition

    • black case
    • nVidia green LED
    • GE latency optimization in web UI
    • product name “Alien“

    And if Alien can have the latency QoS option in the web UI without the GE friendly app interface, why can’t they release it on the regular HD range?

  • @derek-saville I love how that asthetic sounds very appealing.

    My guess is that NVIDIA has some sort of licence agreement or something with them about optimisation for the GeForce experience.

    From my understanding QoS is supposed to be CPU heavy without some major software optimisation, but I guess maybe it's a different CPU revision designed for QoS in the gamers edition.

    If they had full support for cake-fq_codel I'd be over the moon especially if it has a deep packet inspection similar to Asus.

  • Hey guys just a quick question

    So all of u saying the 160mhz will come by firmware upgrade

    Does this router support dedicated backhaul? And if not can the hardware get it by firmware upgrade

    And regarding the multi gig support? Can the hardware do it and get it by firmware update ?

  • @Ahmad-Ki if you don't mine me asking are we talking about Multi gig wifi or LAN ports Also.

  • @Ahmad-Ki because I'm supportive of both as in 10gb LAN to support the multi GB WiFi connection.

  • An 'ax' UniFi UAP6 Lite publicly showed up on the FCC...but looks like only supporting 80 MHz channel widths, which probably makes sense if it is a Lite model

    But that's good news UniFi is getting closer with their 802.11ax gear and hopefully making progress on 160 MHz...

  • Any updates on this ?
    I noticed a firmware update was just released not long ago, are we gonna see this ?

  • yeah I am very interested in knowing if wpa3 & 160mhz channel features can be added through a firmware update, this is pretty important aspects to a strong wifi6 router.

  • @UI-JT Has there been any progress on this? Do you have any updates?

  • @Chris-Black I do not have an ETA for this yet!

  • And will the 160MHz work with the mesh system not only the router with no cables connected between them(no bridge mode) only in wireless mode?

  • @UI-JT I'm sorry to be a stick in the mud JT, but UBNT not having at least a timetable update on 160mhz after the product being out for 7 months looks bad. It's obviously super popular considering how frequently it has been sold out, so frequent updates are important for your brand. Don't get me wrong, I love this product so far and it is performing well, but this is an important missing feature, so it would be nice to see a bit more feedback from UBNT on this.

    I install a lot of Unifi equipment for clients, so I'm used to waiting a bit for features to be implemented sometimes, but this is your flagship residential product, you gotta be on point with this as I would love to see more "residential" users become aware of UBNT and not just us Prosumer/IT guys. I'm assuming that must be a major goal for UBNT given that they released a WiFi6 device in the residential market before one in the enterprise/UniFi line.

  • Hi @Daryl-Ouellette - not for the Alien, but the U6-MESH, which is a mesh WiFi-6 version of the UAP-FlexHD, disclosed its FCC testing with some goods news and some bad news...

    The bad news being it was only initially certified up to 80 MHz channel widths, as all other UniFi WIFi-6 access points so far

    The good news however is that the Product Information Sheet lists it as being 160 MHz capable...

    Supported Data Rates (Mbps)
    802.11ac (Wi-Fi 5) 6.5 Mbps to 1.7 Gbps (MCS0 - MCS9 NSS1/2/3/4, VHT 20/40/80/160)
    802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) 7.3 Mbps to 2.4 Gbps (MCS0 - MCS11 NSS1/2/3/4, HE 20/40/80/160)

    Other features of interest...

    Certifications CE, FCC, IC
    Wireless Security WEP, WPA-PSK, WPA-Enterprise (WPA/WPA2/WPA3)
    Advanced QoS Per-User Rate Limiting

    That's the first sign of both European certification and WPA3 for a Ubiquiti WiFi-6 product, and hopefully it means good progress is being made on Alien as well

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