• Don't you need 160MHz in order to reach 4800Mbs? Will it be enabled later? (Alien)

  • I was wondering this myself. Someone from Amplifi will post here, so we should get some answer.

    @UI-Brett You got an answer to this one?

  • @mike-p 160MHz support is possible only using DFS frequencies. We are considering this, I will update this thread when we have an answer. Thanks.

  • @ui-jt Yes please enable it. I used it on my last AX router and it does boost the speeds alot. Try enabling it and not make it the default. That way people can try it and let you know.

  • Here is where I can see the reason for having the third band AC Wifi 5 only. I found some devices will not connect to DFS channels like Roku and Roku TV. DFS could be active on the WIFI 6 band and not the WIFI 5 band still allowing fast connections to those devices without having them to default to slower 2.4ghz.

  • Adding a vote for "please enable DFS/160Mhz". I had it on a previous router and it was really useful. Would love to see it on my Alien.

  • @paul-jenigar Thanks for your input, I will add your vote for this feature.

  • @ui-jt add my vote!

  • @mike-p @UI-JT


    The 160Mhz issue is really hurting the speeds.

  • @timothy-farley It is not so much an issue, we are considering this feature and I will update this thread when I have news on the subject .

  • Adding my vote

  • I believe that the quoted 4804 Mbps bandwidth is 8 streams at 600.5 Mbps each, which is possible[^1] with 80 MHz channels. Of course, there are no clients[^2] implementing 8 streams, and very few implementing more than 2.

    With 160 MHz channels, we get 1201 Mbps per stream, which is very important[^3] for single client top speed... As it stands now with the Alien, most clients (since most are 2 streams) can't get more than 1201 Mbps (on AX) and 867 Mbps (on AC). While with 160 MHz channels, they'd go to 2402 Mbps (on AX) and 1733 Mbps (on AC).

    It's interesting to note that if they managed to retain support for 8 streams while adding support for 160 MHz channels, the max bandwidth on the single 5 GHz AX band would become 9608 Mbps. But wonder if they will be able to pull that off, e.g. RAX120 degrades to 4 streams when using 160 MHz channels. I'd still gladly take that trade-off though. On the second radio (4x4, AC) 160 MHz channels would give us max bandwidth of 3467 Mbps. Though, as Mike points above, hopefully we'd be able to control the channels width separately for the two radios, so we could keep the second radio to 80 MHz (and no DFS channels) for increased compatibility.

    [^1]: That is assuming 1024-QAM and ideal coding rate - of course hard to reach in reality. And remember that this is PHY speed.
    [^2]: Except maybe other Aliens working in the mesh.
    [^3]: Assuming clients support 160 MHz channels, but i'd hope that's more common than more than 2 streams [citation needed].

  • Don't the Alien FCC filings only show certification up to 80 MHz channel widths using none of the DFS channels (36 to 48 & 149 to 165 only)?

    One would hope that AmpliFi would have certified the 160 MHz channel widths + DFS channels from the start if it was only a firmware channel selection update

    They may have run into a hardware challenge / limitation of the dodecagon antenna array when trying to implement 160 MHz channel widths (or they just rushed the launch testing)

    If and when they get 160 MHz sorted, it should require updated FCC certification

    I hope they do, but it might also require a whole heck of a lot of patience...antennas are hard - especially if you want clean ID

  • Is the Alien capable of 160MHz thru firmware update and you are considering enabling it? or would a new hardware revision be required? i’m contemplating a purchase and I’m ok without it short term since there are only 2×2 Wi-Fi 6 clients out today, but there will be 4x4 Wi-Fi 6 clients capable of taking advantage of it soon, and I’d like this purchase to be able to take advantage of that.

  • Hi @chris-black - the DFS channels are coming according to @UI-Brett...

    I can confirm that we are working on dfs certification and with that, in time you will be able to change channels as well.

    That is a positive step, but time will tell if they can implement the 160 MHz channel widths

  • @derek-saville I was just reading there is a new Wifi 6e standard as well which adds the 6GHz band. I wonder if Alien will be able to add that with firmware update later as well? Probably not but one can always dream. I’m looking forward to being able to stream full uncompressed 4K content in my house wirelessly.

  • I've often wondered if 6ghz will make 5ghz 160mhz, obsolete due to higher speeds and on supported devices all things considered.

    Also I support the idea of 160mhz Asus already has that and DFS enabled on thier AX88U as well as WPA 3 support.

  • @edward-dolezal It may sound funny but i really like the looks of this router and it will fit well in my home since i don’t have a place to hide my router. That being said i don’t want to settle for inferior technology/specs. i really hope they add it. I’m on the fence right now this would cure my indecisiveness.

  • @chris-black it sounds perfectly reasonable to me also 160 MHz is a requirement I think for certification as well as WPA 3 if I read correctly.

    I love the look of the units but I wish they came in white it matches my PC Case and my xbox one x, probably sounds weird.

  • @edward-dolezal Not weird at all. Aesthetics matter to lot’s of people. White would be a great option.

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